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Stock Clothes and It’s to do’s before Buying

Stock clothes are the excess inventory of clothes in a retail or departmental store. These are the clothes which are either never purchased by the customers or have just occupied a large space in the store. In order to get rid of these stocks, the departmental stores either sends them back to the manufacturer or sell them to liquidated companies.

These clothes lose their freshness and get damaged if kept for a longer time, as a result of which the retailer faces losses. For example, if the store has clothes for summer, and winter season arrives, then no customer will buy summer clothes. The same thing happens for winter wears. Thus, it is very important for the retailers to get rid of such stock in order to make space for the fresh arrivals.

To dispose these clothes, the retailer uses any of the two ways. Either he sends these clothes back to the manufacturer or the wholesale distributor or sell it to the companies who are doing business of the liquidated items. When these clothes reaches the liquidated companies, they resell it at a price less than the wholesale rate and the customers are able to purchase branded items at a lesser price than brand retail stores.

If you want to purchase these clothes, be cautious about few things. •Some clothes may be old fashioned or there may have any damage in them. You need to check it before purchasing. •Sometimes it happens, these clothes do not meet your standards and you want to return it. You need to be clear about the return policy so that it will be easier for you to return it. •While purchasing the stock items, remember, you need to compare it with the retail price.

Purchasing these clothes is a good idea as it helps you in saving your money. There are many online shops that sell these clothes. Fashion Stock is one of them.

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