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New Frye Shoes and Boots Fresh Styles for Early Spring 2011 For men and women alike, traditional original styles of boots from Frye may well remain the very best choices within the brand - nevertheless yet one factor of owning virtually any pair is their timeless quality, regardless of whether they are new Frye shoes and boots or one of the original styles. Below are a few brand new versions from Frye for women which have been recently released for springtime 2011: Frye Emma Woven (shown in photo top left) - The Frye Emma Woven is a wonderful spring and summer shoe. It is crafted from interwoven lace for the upper and could be easily worn with both denims or dresses - and would add to the look either way. One of the wonderful things about this new shoe from Frye is the selection of colors it's available in - nine overall - so whether you would prefer a more vibrant shoe or a slipper having a more natural color, you can probably locate exactly what you want. Frye Maggie Perf - This shoe has a basic wingtip style but with a bit of a heel to give it a lift andperforated detailing to spice it up. This is another "go with everything" design from Frye that could easily be considered a staple of a wardrobe. Frye Julia Grommet Lace Boot - While this boot also has sort of timeless look about it, it also might be expressed with accuracy that it is probably the most unique and versatile boots in the full Frye collection. It has two general ways it can be worn - up or down. When up it features a modern and smoother look, however when creased / folded over and laced in the tongue it's - well, it is adorable (at least in my opinion). Before I have been pretty accurate about which footwear from Frye will remain due to high demand - I think that the Frye Julia Grommet Lace-Up boot will be one of the boots that stay in the lineup. Frye Tamara Woven Slide - What I notice first about this shoe is its height - with a 5 inch heel, it's a style that women will either adore or may possibly make them run the other direction! However, it also features a 1.5" platform, which brings the exact lift for the foot 3 ½ inches. All measurements aside, this is a beautiful shoe that has both qualities of being trendy and earthy - it has a leather-based upper with an open-toe style and leather lacing throughout. And -

Frye is well known for making footwear comfortable, even those styles with a higher heel. Frye Carson Lace - I can almost not say enough concerning this fresh boot style! Although it has a definite place in the Carson collection , this style is a bootie or ankle cut, with a lace-up front. Whether wearing jeans or a dress, this boot would not only fit right in, it could add some character to any look. Although additional forms of Frye boots and shoes for ladies will be arriving soon, this list of new Frye shoes and boots provides an excellent start, and are great options for spring and summer footwear 2011.

New Frye Shoes and Boots for Early Spring 2011  
New Frye Shoes and Boots for Early Spring 2011  

Early March styles of shoes and boots for women - new styles from Frye.