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I am known to be a real fan when it comes to cowboy or western styles for ladies, although I need to admit that I had not taken much time to look at the Durango Women's Cowboy Boots selection in quite a few years. I have lately been amazed to uncover not only a few of the more traditional varieties of boot styles (as one may possibly expect), but also many of the most modern and fashionable boots available! Here is what women are looking for as favorites for 2010 from the Women's Durango Boots Collections: Durango Slouch (in photo top left) - There are actually quite a number of "slouchy" variations among various collections from Durango this year. There is actually one line that specifically has the word "Slouch" in its name that features a rather simple and elegant style, and is a slouch style boot that any lady would likely be proud to wear. However, there are additional slouch styles among the "Crush" and other collections. Women's Durango Crush Booties - The Crush booties seem to be at the very least amid the hottest selling of the styles from Durango this year. They have a very sharp look about them with a pointed toe, lovely detailing and some different colors to choose from. These boots add a creative touch to what women's western booties offer! Harness Boots - The Harness is a classic style harness women’s Durango boot, with all the great looks of any classic harness boot out there. It is not only a great "go with everything" boot, but its price is actually lower than other brands. This boot is available in both a dark brown and a classic black look. Durango Crush Boots - There is an entire line of boots bearing the term "Crush" - and as it turns out, it's quite an appropriate name for them! These boots are each quite unique but the one thing that they have in common is great looks. Up-to-date styles with lots of details and with a cut that makes these Durango boots for women quite feminine. In case you are seeking out a fantastic style in a women's cowboy or cowgirl boot style in 2010, I highly recommend giving the 2010 styles of Durango Women's Cowboy Boots an extensivev look - they're not simply amazingly fashionable, but also their price is generally less than some other brands, so you can most likely invest in a pair (or even a couple of pairs) without having to break the bank!

Durango Women's Cowboy Boots  

Hot styles for 2010 - the lineup of Durango cowboy boots for women.

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