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I have counted five brand new add-ons to the Classic Black UGG boots collection for 2010-2011, every one of them is distinctive from the rest in some manner. The new boots range between basic and streamlined to extremely modern and stylish - every one of them well worth looking at. Below are a few fresh varieties of Classic Black UGGs in 2010: UGG Classic Mini in Black - The Classic Mini has done a bit of a disappearing and reappearing act in the last several years, this winter season it is again accessible for women who love the design of a classic boot with a shorter height. UGG Bailey Button Triplet in Black - Last year the Bailey Button was introduced to the Black UGG Classics collection, in 2010 an additional taller version of this boot is available. Rather than having a single button closure, this boot has three, allowing the boot to be fastened all the way up the side or unbuttoned a bit and folded over for a different and still fashionable look. UGG Sheepskin Cuff in Black - Keeping the basic design of an UGG Classic Short boot, the Sheepskin Cuff has one major difference - long wool adorning the edge of the upper cuff and hanging over the boot to make a soft fringy look. UGG Fringe Cardy in Black - This boot is based on the style of the UGG Cardy boot that was brought to the Classics collection a couple of years ago. This particular boot has fringe vertically up the side close to the button closures that gives an extremely stylish look. It can be worn straight up or worn slouched or pushed down the leg a bit. UGG Pocket Knit in Black - The simplest way to illustrate this boot would be to say it has the instant appearance of the original UGG Crochet boot, with the difference of having a pocket on the side. This is my personal favorite among the new inclusions in the UGG Classic lineup in 2010, which has a easy and softer look than some of the others. Additional variations for this year and into next within the Classic Black UGG Boots collection consist of obviously the Classic Tall and Classic Short along with a few designs which have been released in the last few years like the first Cardy boot, UGG Argyle Knit and UGG Bailey Button. Reference: Classic Black UGG Boots - The Fashion Fiend

Black UGG Boots 2010-2011  

New styles of Black UGGs among the Classics collection this fall and winter.

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