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“TEC community service” This year I enrolled in the fourth semester of high school and we have a subject that is call: ethical principles for a citizen, and we have do community service throughout the semester.

At the beginning of the semester we made teams, and I liked my team because I was with my friends. All the Tuesdays we go two hours to take care of the children and we put to the kids a lot of activities. We go to a mini- deportiva that is near to Altacia. Some of the children all the time are fighting and stuffs like that, because their neighborhood is a zone really troubled, and most of the children don´t receive a good education. It´s obviously that we do the service for that: to help the kids to coexist healthily, etc. Because the “mini – deportiva” is in an area very far and dangerous we made a rally to cover hours and for children to have fun. We made it one Saturday, separated children in teams and we put them a lot of activities like a tournament of futbol, voleibol, etc.

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