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Scholarships: exist different types of scholarships like:


Academic: this scholarship is given to the best students, the ones that have the highest grades.


Cultural: this scholarships is given to the ones that have the facilities to dance, paint or act.


Sports: this one is for the people that have an ability and also the discipline to train everyday 3 or 4 hours and are the best on what they’re doing.


Socioeconomic: this type of scholarship is for the people that don’t have enough sources to pay the complete tuition.

The most important thing that you need to consider is your abilities and the things you like to do, because everyone is good in something that would help you in your future decision. Finally, you will have conflicts with the people like your parents or tutors that makes you get confuse and let you down, but you need to never give up, think positive, follow your hearth and be focused in your goals.

Fátima Elena Salazar S.

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