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In autumn you should wear more sheltered clothes than summer but not as much as winter, wear light clothes like a sweater or a jacket, you can use darker and sobercolored clothes. In winter wear really sheltered clothes, because is very cold here in Tec, in this season all the colors are recom-

mended. Some tips that you must to have in consideration are: 1. Never wear very colorful pants with a colorful shirt. 2. Don´t wear many accessories. 3. Don´t wear clothes from other seasons, because you can

Now you know the best ideas to wear in all the year, so ¿What are you waiting for? Be the best of all. Diana Carolina Ramírez Sevilla

Magazine TEC-TAC-TOC  

Is for the students of Tecnologico de Monterrey, they could see all the new stuff and enjoy the trends and lovely guys.

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