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The search of being the best. Fashion is a topic in which all the people, especially girls, always want to be update and always want to be the best of all. Here in Tec, we can see many different types of fashion, some funny, some chic, some ugly, some extravagant, and more, but the best part of this, is that we can see all the types of styles that identify each person. But the guys are not far

Here are some suggestions for the different seasons of the year. In spring you can wear jeans and leggings, it’s the perfect season to wear light clothes but not as much as in the summer and we recommend to you, the vivid colors. In summer you can wear shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses, etc. In this season you can choose anything, but remember, the best

colors are the vivid.

Magazine TEC-TAC-TOC  

Is for the students of Tecnologico de Monterrey, they could see all the new stuff and enjoy the trends and lovely guys.

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