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But there are some tips that can make you change your mind: - If you choose a teacher who you will never understand then you are probably going to fail your subject. -There is more time to be with your friends, in the afternoons, weekends, and besides there is just 1:20 hour of your time and that is worth it. Some of the favorites in the campus Le贸n: Liz Maga帽a in chemistry, Ale Usabiaga in math, Rex also in math, Venegas in Spanish, Judith in Arts and Culture, but there are not good or bad teachers is just the way you learn and understand their classes. This is something that is likely to be one of the best decisions you would make in TEC.

Valentina Ledesma

Magazine TEC-TAC-TOC  

Is for the students of Tecnologico de Monterrey, they could see all the new stuff and enjoy the trends and lovely guys.

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