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To be a smile maker you need to have a special characteristics that make you a smile person: First of all you need to be a happy person, because if you`re sad or negative, how would you want to make another people laugh if you don`t laugh. Another thing is shares the happiness, but how?, well share the happiness is like if someone see a people sad go and try make it laugh or feel better, also share happiness is to be with people you like. But the most important thing is that if you don´t want to smile and are having a bad attitude, always try to remember to ha-

ve a smile in the face, because that can change your way of fell and are going to make the persons around you happy.

FĂĄtima Salazar SĂĄnchez

Magazine TEC-TAC-TOC  

Is for the students of Tecnologico de Monterrey, they could see all the new stuff and enjoy the trends and lovely guys.

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