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Soft – colors and shades: Soft-colored is called one that gives the feeling of being soft. They are in the part of the range of a light blue closer to white.

White + blue = Celeste. White + cyan = marine. White + Brown = ochre. White + Orange = Salmon. White + black = grey. White + ochre = ivory.

White + red = pink. The art of pastel painting belongs to dry calls, since unlike the oil painting or watercolor, do not use any solvent and is applied directly to the work surface. As support, it is common to use good quality paper of good weight and neutral white light roughness, although the technique is versatile enough so it can be used on other surfaces. This technique was probably invented in France and Italy at the end of the 16th century, although it was already used by Leonardo da Vinci the instigation of Jean PerrĂŠal. It is a chest of drawers, usually rapid technical and which allows corrections with ease, reason why it is chosen by many artists.

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