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Cara delevingne Swimming team

The search of being the best. Fashion is a topic in which all the people, especially girls, always want to be update and always want to be the best of all. Here in Tec, we can see many different types of fashion, some funny, some chic, some ugly, some extravagant, and more, but the best part of this, is that we can see all the types of styles that identify each person. But the guys are not far

Here are some suggestions for the different seasons of the year. In spring you can wear jeans and leggings, it’s the perfect season to wear light clothes but not as much as in the summer and we recommend to you, the vivid colors. In summer you can wear shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses, etc. In this season you can choose anything, but remember, the best

colors are the vivid.

In autumn you should wear more sheltered clothes than summer but not as much as winter, wear light clothes like a sweater or a jacket, you can use darker and sobercolored clothes. In winter wear really sheltered clothes, because is very cold here in Tec, in this season all the colors are recom-

mended. Some tips that you must to have in consideration are: 1. Never wear very colorful pants with a colorful shirt. 2. Don´t wear many accessories. 3. Don´t wear clothes from other seasons, because you can

Now you know the best ideas to wear in all the year, so ¿What are you waiting for? Be the best of all. Diana Carolina Ramírez Sevilla









“TEC community service” This year I enrolled in the fourth semester of high school and we have a subject that is call: ethical principles for a citizen, and we have do community service throughout the semester.

At the beginning of the semester we made teams, and I liked my team because I was with my friends. All the Tuesdays we go two hours to take care of the children and we put to the kids a lot of activities. We go to a mini- deportiva that is near to Altacia. Some of the children all the time are fighting and stuffs like that, because their neighborhood is a zone really troubled, and most of the children don´t receive a good education. It´s obviously that we do the service for that: to help the kids to coexist healthily, etc. Because the “mini – deportiva” is in an area very far and dangerous we made a rally to cover hours and for children to have fun. We made it one Saturday, separated children in teams and we put them a lot of activities like a tournament of futbol, voleibol, etc.

We play with balloons with water for children to have more fun and for them to do different things. At the end we gave them a lot of candies as a reward for participating. That day the kids were happiest like us because everything was very well. Although their behavior is not the appropriate, we haven´t had serious problems with them. In my opinion, I think that is really good to all of us to do community service because is not only go and take care for children in orphanages or to go to hospitals, etc. Is to realize that out there are people that they only have the minimum and with only with one candy, smile, only that simples things

made a big difference to the person. Although at this age is very important to us that we can develop empathy with others. So only in that way we could be supporting this people in future and we can make little transformations.

Pamela J. Engwall

Football player, all a trouser, captivating smile

Gaze that kills, charming smile, a Sexy football player

Intelligent, handsome, all trouser and other football

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (the advantages of being invisible in Latin America and the advantages of being an outcast in Spain) is a 2012 film based on the epistolary novel of the same name published in 1999. It is starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller. It is adapted and directed by Stephen Chbosky, author of the book. (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) a film which deals with aspects of life real, interesting.

Swimming team


All we know that young people at a certain age we need to dedicate ourselves to something more that is not the school, It could be anything but the most important thing is that what you decide to do is something that you love and don´t do this by obligation the thing is to do this because you like it. It is important to belong to a group not a social group if not one that you be characterized, for example a swimming team. A swimming team can be a blister surprises, you find people that say “I am the best and the fastest of the team� and in

reality isn't anywhere near what they said. hind, they also are always in search of being always the best.

This which never trains and has good performance, (doping), the diva who is the best swimmer among girls of the girls, uses the bathing suits most eye-catching and presumes that all the guys are in love whit her. This which has the best body, but the lousy swimming because their enormous muscles do not even let move, people that never win but they work hard and they are dreaming of becoming the best someday. Well a huge amount of personalities. It is usually small clumps, which are the best swimmers and the most popular for attending national competitions, the mockers and jokers that are the soul of the team and the news, but despite the differences, all with a common dream that is to be the best swimmer and get the most out of this beautiful sport.

Miriam Rebeca Lopez

Soft – colors and shades: Soft-colored is called one that gives the feeling of being soft. They are in the part of the range of a light blue closer to white.

White + blue = Celeste. White + cyan = marine. White + Brown = ochre. White + Orange = Salmon. White + black = grey. White + ochre = ivory.

White + red = pink. The art of pastel painting belongs to dry calls, since unlike the oil painting or watercolor, do not use any solvent and is applied directly to the work surface. As support, it is common to use good quality paper of good weight and neutral white light roughness, although the technique is versatile enough so it can be used on other surfaces. This technique was probably invented in France and Italy at the end of the 16th century, although it was already used by Leonardo da Vinci the instigation of Jean PerrĂŠal. It is a chest of drawers, usually rapid technical and which allows corrections with ease, reason why it is chosen by many artists.

Oil: The oil painting is a painting technique consisting of mixing pigments with a binder-based oils, usually of plant origin. By

extension, are called oils paintings executed by this technique, supported by stands of varied nature: metal, wood, stone, ivory, although the most common is that it is applied onto canvas or Board.

Be a smile maker There moments in life when you are going to feel sad or disappointed, but you need to remember that life is more than what eyes can see and more the heart can fell, that’s why you need to be a smile maker, not just for felting the happiness inside, you can help people in between with just a simple smile. Being a smile maker means being enthusiastic, a person who like to do every kind of things to help and create and always with a smile in the face, but with the spirited comes positivism, but everybody thinks why? Positive is a person who

even if the situation looks really bad or everything goes in the wrong way, this kind of people always see the positive way, or how to make it goes right and always with a smile in the face.

To be a smile maker you need to have a special characteristics that make you a smile person: First of all you need to be a happy person, because if you`re sad or negative, how would you want to make another people laugh if you don`t laugh. Another thing is shares the happiness, but how?, well share the happiness is like if someone see a people sad go and try make it laugh or feel better, also share happiness is to be with people you like. But the most important thing is that if you don´t want to smile and are having a bad attitude, always try to remember to ha-

ve a smile in the face, because that can change your way of fell and are going to make the persons around you happy.

FĂĄtima Salazar SĂĄnchez

Art of tattoo or drawing: Above this kind of art was frowned upon in the society and it was only used by the jailers, fishermen, or gangs, but currently the tattoo is considered an art and sacred in various cultures as a form of representation, we can therefore say that the tattoo is an amazing form of expression which to captivated the world with their application techniques, designs and creations which are based on strict aspects to meet the perfect tattoo rules, which every week we will be talking about. Styles of tattoo: Realistic Tribal Japanese Oriental

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Daft Punk Green Day Ramones Deadmau5 Knife Party Pink Floyd Pearl Jam The Rolling Stones Nirvana

“Importance of making a good schedule” There are many things you have to consider when you do your schedule: to check your times, choose your free hours, the friends you want to be with, but there is something you should never forget, and the most important, probably the key to pass your subjects, and it is of course the teachers, they are so important, starting with the way you learn, and the way they teach. Would you rather staying with your friends instead with a good teacher? That´s the first question you have to make

yourself when you are doing your schedule. Probably you would answer “yes”.

But there are some tips that can make you change your mind: - If you choose a teacher who you will never understand then you are probably going to fail your subject. -There is more time to be with your friends, in the afternoons, weekends, and besides there is just 1:20 hour of your time and that is worth it. Some of the favorites in the campus Le贸n: Liz Maga帽a in chemistry, Ale Usabiaga in math, Rex also in math, Venegas in Spanish, Judith in Arts and Culture, but there are not good or bad teachers is just the way you learn and understand their classes. This is something that is likely to be one of the best decisions you would make in TEC.

Valentina Ledesma

Chelsea Football Club of London England, founded on March 10,

1905, and play in the Premier League, a football competition in that country. It is currently in the 10th position of the historical classification of the clubs according to the IFFHS world rankings with 491 points, 12 same Federation that has elected him as the best team in the world of the month five times. Its traditional coat is composed of a lion rampant holding a cane; According to a study by incredible in 2010, Chelsea is the fourth club with the most fans around Europe, being 21.4 million in total. Frank Lampard is the historic scorer of Chelsea, with 203

goals. Fernando Torres is the player most expensive in the history






Halloween Halloween means "All hallow's eve", Word that comes from the old English, and that means 'eve of all Saints', since it refers to the night of 31 October, eve of the feast of all saints. However, the old Anglo-Saxon habit has stolen his strict religious sense to hold in place the night of terror, witches and ghosts. Halloween marks a return to the old paganism, trend

that has also spread among the Hispanic peoples.

“Dance is the medicine of the soul” I have been dancing Polynesian dances since I was thirteen. I really love to dance this type of music, the culture and I´m impressed of how they dance; all the movements and costumes. When I entered to the TEC I was in the football team because I used to play football, but I quit and last semester I entered to Polynesia dances here. My teacher is the same that give me classes out of school. She is so good! I think that is an excellent teacher and she knows perfect all the concept. She is very intelligent and also speaks some dialects of the island in Polynesia. It was easy to me, to be in the Hawaiian company dance because as I said I used to dance. Last semester we have a presentation in plaza civica, we danced 3 songs and also we played some instruments. And each year in November campus Irapuato make a Hawaiian festival and they invite all the close cities, so we go there and it´s amazing because you see another choreographies and all that. All the year we prepare the show that we will present there.

I know how to play many Hawaiian instruments like the to´ ere that is a trunk of wood with a hole in the center and with a stick you snag in the hole and then, it produces music. The Pa ju; a big drum and the ipu that here in Mexico is the equivalent of a guaje.

On Saturdays I go to Casa de la Cultura and there I take my classes. Since the first day I went with my mom and both, we take the classes. My mother knew how to play the instruments too.

My mother says that the dance is the medicine of the soul and I believe it, because when I dance I forget all my problems (well only for one hour thirty minutes) but is a form of expression. There are a lot of types of dance for everyone, and I used to dance another styles of music but this is the one that I like more. Apart from the music, costumes and choreographies, the natives were submitted by British, so a lot of songs tells the story of how they fight will all these, another tells about the story of the universe, folk, and gods, and the songs with more noise and more faster talk about the wars between the clans.

So it is a big mystery! I hope I could dance all my life because this is my hobby, my passion and my therapy!.

Pamela J. Engwall


An Italian, a Frenchman and a Mexican went for a job interview in England. Before the interview, they were told that they must compose a sentence in English with three main words: green, pink, and yellow. The Italian was first: "I wake up in the morning. I see the yellow sun. I see the green grass and I think to myself, I hope it will be a pink day." The Frenchman was next: "I wake up in the morning, I eat a yellow banana, a green pepper and in the evening I watch the pink panther on TV." Last one was the Mexican: "I wake up in the morning, I hear the phone "", I pink up the phone

A man was pulled over for driving too fast, even though he thought he was driving just fine. Officer: You were speeding. Man: No, I wasn't. Officer: Yes, you were. I'm giving you a ticket. Man: But I wasn't speeding. Officer: Tell that to the judge! (The officer gives man the ticket.) Man: Would I get another ticket if I called you a jerk? Officer: Yes, you would. Man: What if I just thought that you were? Officer: I can't give you a ticket for what you think.

My first day at school Hi, my name is Diana and I´m going to tell you my story of my experience, when I first came to school in Tec. Well, it all started when my father took me to tec at 6:50, and really I didn´t want to get out of the car, but I had to do it, then I walked to my classroom very nervous and scared, I was late so there´s no places to sit, only one in the front, so I had to sit there, I felt like everyone was looking at me, I was scared, and after 3 minutes the teacher came and started the class very fast, and like in all the classes, we had to said our name, age, and things like that, I think this was the worst part of all my day, stand up and said my name, so I had to be brave and do it. The class was very long, and I was bored, then the class was over, and I had to move to my other classroom, I was scared, but I get in the classroom, in this class, was a girl of my other school, so I went with her, and we talk , but I was relieved that I found a girl to talk with, then came the break, and I felt terrible, because I didn´t have any friends, and I didn´t know what to do, so I went with the girl I had known, and we became friends very fast, and luckily she was in all my classes, so then I had a friend to talk with. Then my first day of school has ended, and I have to accept that it was great, so at the end of the day it wasn´t a bad day, so I enjoyed the next days. Diana Carolina Ramírez Sevilla

Borregos Tec This year the Borregos of our school took place the past Wednesday in the auditorium of the school, we could see all the costumes performed by all the members of the generation 20112014 of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. We could see different creative costumes such as Lego mans, kinds of superheroes like batman and superwoman, princesses, avatar, a buzz light-year and also woody. Other preferred to perform food like popcorns also a taco, a Tinkerbelle. The winner for the best costume was for the guy that performed “Jesus”.

We had a lot of categories like “Best couple”, “Want to have a 100”, “Best costume”, “The inseparable”, “Hater”, “Nominee for Graduation” and many others.

Valentina Ledesma

Acaroid Don't aisles, let yourself be wanting and pet a little from time to time. Listening plans but don't want them all at the same time. Possible problem at school, waters!. Tip: sometimes taken a minute is better than jogging. Your color: the fuchsia. Your lupicis Be happy, remember that everything happens for a reason. This spirit rises and let your friends help you. Our blind friends a weekend you will return the enthusiasm that you always. Tip: Don't overdo things. Your color: the purple. Your lucky aries Be careful with people close to you, if you neglect you could create a gossip. Enjoy the serenity of your home and take advantage of stack to tide you over with your family. Tip: wary and stay alert. Your color: white. Your lucky numbers: 9 and 18. tauro Your day started badly, or mode, it depends on which end is typeset and wonderful. The family will help you to distract you. Tip: Don't key in the things your color: turquoise. Your lucky numbers: 23 geminis Be careful, approximates a streak that will leave you and important things that will last a long time. It is time to have fun a little less and work more. Tip: Be yourself always. Your color: orange. Your lucky numbers: 3 and 16. capricornio Excellent day for tasks, for any reason you get will be fun. Your sense of responsibility takes you to others, but this will bring you benefits. Tip: continues to think of as conquer strategy to this guy. Your color: the blue. Your lucky numbers: 3 and

cancer Your popularity increases and that you like, but don't forget the people that have always been with you, because they are the most important in your life. Tip: Advise your friends your color: purple. Your lucky numbers: 6 and 19. leo Learn how to manage your expenses and you can even save for going out with your friends for the weekend. Don't pressure by any smallness, your life is very good, take advantage of the opportunity to plan for the future. Tip: don´t be afraid Your color:

libra Your family also deserves a little of your time, do not forget. You know that everything is going well and it gives you security in yourself. Tip: trusts that all will go well and it will be. Your color: the red. Your lucky numbers: 13 and 26. virgo Will Come Out a little, you want to do everything at the same time but each thing has its own space and place. Your friends and your boyfriend are separate things. Tip: Take a break. Your color: the yellow. Your lucky numbers: 7 and 24. scorpion Get ready for an unexpected event and very large. Find your past, perhaps there was your happiness and do not see what you wanted. Tip: Go to your memories your color: purple. Your lucky numbers: 10 and 14. sagitario Well-deserved rest in door, planned well your weekend to make it as you want. Your friends will make you an interesting proposition, analize well before taking a decision. Tip: Think about each step you take. Your color: the green. Your lucky

New York trip The trip to New York is one of the most beautiful experiences in TEC de Monterrey the most important thing is that this trip is full of peaceful coexistence in the generation. This trip is linked to an event that is done in the same semester that is called tecmun (tec model of the united nations) it has a very interesting program in which students can get sponsorships for the trip by offering to exchange advertising to companies within tecmun and offering tax-deductible. Tecmun is a representation of how the nations discussed unit on topics of interest in

the world; have different committees depending on the topic that is going to be discussed. Participants must be informed on the situation of the country that are going to represent and especially need to know the relationship the country have according with the situation.

Miriam Rebeca L贸pez

In this trip you can visit museums and you have to do the activities that have the program but at certain hour you can get free to go shopping or to visit whatever you want.

Cara Delevingne It is said that at 21 years old this model can conquer the world with her beauty and carisma, she on her Young age is already Victoria’s Secret, Prada,Vouge model .

Little girl: "Why does your son say, 'Cluck, cluck, cluck?'" Mother: "Because he thinks he's a chicken." Little girl: "Why don't you tell him he's not a chicken?" Mother: "Because we need the eggs."

How do you know that carrots are good for your eyesight? Have YOU ever seen a rabbit with glasses?

What happened when the soldier went into an enemy bar? He got bombed.

R: The letter

The most famous sign of the Word use solar energy! The sign created in 1959 by Betty Willis and Ted Rogich, now contributes with the ecology of

Experts find the way to use the solar energy of the sunniest places in the USA.

The hardest decision There comes a point in life when you need to choose what you are going to study or to do for the rest of your life; and that point comes when you finish your high school and you start at college. What is your best option for study? Sometimes people drop out of school for lack of money or motivation or just they can’t afford for it. We need to remember that if you want to be successful in life, you will need to study a career and that’s why you need to consider different types of

things: 

School: to choose the correct school you need to know all about the program they give, the services that you like, also the best facilities, but the most important thing is that they will have the career that you want, because if they don’t have it, doesn’t matter how much you like the school, you’re not going to enter.

Money: sometimes your parents can’t afford the school you want and that’s why the scholarships get an important thing to consider.

Scholarships: exist different types of scholarships like:


Academic: this scholarship is given to the best students, the ones that have the highest grades.


Cultural: this scholarships is given to the ones that have the facilities to dance, paint or act.


Sports: this one is for the people that have an ability and also the discipline to train everyday 3 or 4 hours and are the best on what they’re doing.


Socioeconomic: this type of scholarship is for the people that don’t have enough sources to pay the complete tuition.

The most important thing that you need to consider is your abilities and the things you like to do, because everyone is good in something that would help you in your future decision. Finally, you will have conflicts with the people like your parents or tutors that makes you get confuse and let you down, but you need to never give up, think positive, follow your hearth and be focused in your goals.

Fátima Elena Salazar S.

Found the five differences between both images

Liam Payne and Harry Styles went to dinner





The girls won a competition to meet their idols.

Here is a photo Women´s soccer passed to the national!

Last Saturday borregas played for the national pass and they have the victory! They competed against ITESM Queretaro, winning 2-1 one goal was scored by Daniela Fajardo and the other by Jeyely.

Magazine TEC-TAC-TOC  

Is for the students of Tecnologico de Monterrey, they could see all the new stuff and enjoy the trends and lovely guys.

Magazine TEC-TAC-TOC  

Is for the students of Tecnologico de Monterrey, they could see all the new stuff and enjoy the trends and lovely guys.