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Tactical boot (2nd part) Now a day’s lots of boots are available in the market but all are not tactical boots. If we want to buy a tactical boot for our personal use the issues we should consider are comfort, back support and traction. There are lot of difference between tactical footwear and regular shoes. Generally, a tactical boot is a boot that is designed to specifically handle the rigors of certain duties. Except paved roads, parks, and interiors of buildings, much of the earth is not well receptive to man's contact. There are places like swamps, jungles, mountains, rocks, ridges, deserts, slippery terrains, and snowbound areas, walking over which could be as difficult as jumping hurdles. For those who are forced to hike or trek over these places as part of their jobs, it is tactical boots that make the discharge of their duties possible.

Some key feature of tactical boot:       

Combination of comfort, support and athletic flexibility Genuine leather footbed is durable, flexible and comfortable Designed for exceptional traction and natural range of motion Ventilated to keep feet cool and allow the boot to breathe Quick drying materials that work to wick away sweat and moisture Tactical boots are fast, lightweight and responsive It function under pressure – laces don’t break, zipper won’t catch, construction of boot won’t compromise our efforts

Who wears Tactical Boots?     

Law enforcement Security teams Military personnel Search and rescue teams Emergency medical service personnel

Preservation boots

To keep your boots ready for many more years of trail travel, follow these tips.  Frequent waterproofing with wax or silicone treatments will soften leather, not only making your boots more comfortable, but also stretching them a bit.  Recondition your boots frequently and use boot trees.  Rain and stream crossings help boots conform to your feet, but water degrades leather and can lead to shrinkage.  On long backpacking trips, take along waterproofing treatments. Life’s too short to walk around in pain just to look good. So, when we find shoes that look good and our body still feels great after wearing them all day, we feel like our investment was worthwhile. The most important thing in buying tactical boots is to get a good fit. Ignore size numbers and choose a tactical boot that feels right for our foot size. If it doesn't fit/match, then even the finest quality construction will result in nothing more than expensive and durable torture devices. We should not buy any boot if a narrow toebox cramps our toes. Toeboxes are difficult to remold adequately, particularly in beefier boots. Tactical boots are Designed to provide enhanced protection without sacrificing mobility or balance. The issues we should consider most are comfort, durability, stability, weight, warmth, and water resistance.

Tactical boot  

The Bates Ultra-Lites have been the standard issue for military and law enforcement use for decades and have been the preferred tactical boo...

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