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CONTENT: 1. FASA Events // Elections!! - March 31, April 1 - Various Polling Locations + Candidate Bios // VP Finance Notice: Claiming Grants & Job Call Out

2. Art Matters Job Call-Out: Publication Manager // deadline: March 31

3. Fine Arts Reading Room Job Call-Out: 2 Positions // deadline: April 9

4. Vav Gallery Job Call-Out: Co-Directors // deadline: April 16

5. Club Announcements + Department Events // Gallery X: Vernissage Tuesday, March 30 // Eastern Bloc: Sculpture Showcase March 25 - 28 // INDEX: Photography Student Association Showcase April 16 // Ceramics Student Association Showcase // Concerts: Department of Music April 10 & 17 // FOFA: d_verse: transitional algorithms of gesture April 1 – 16

6. Calls For Submissions // Art History Students: Call for papers for ASFASA Catalogue - Summer Publication


FASA ELECTIONS ! ! ! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VOTE. Polling Stations will be located at the following locations: Wednesday, March 31 1. 2.

RF Building @ Loyola : 10:00 to 17:00 EV Atrium (FOFA info booth, polling station located by elevators in EV 1.631) : 10:00 to 20:00

Thursday, April 1, 2010 1. 2.

VA Lobby : 10:00 to 20:00 EV 1.631 : 10:00 to 20:00




Paisley is a Theatre and Development student who loves bikes, performance, lighting design, dogs/animals/thinking about talking to animals, collective work, the Fine Arts Reading Room, and treehouses. As President of FASA I hope to fine tune some unseen organizational tasks to make the process of obtaining special projects grants more efficient. I'm also interested in working with clubs to bring more guest speakers to Concordia. I plan to watch the Little Miss Springfield episode of the Simpsons a couple times for inspiration, and see how things pan out. There may or may not be a bouncy castle in the works. Neal Moignard is an Intermedia/Cyberarts student who likes to eat, sleep, and spend time with Craig Fahner in the EV sub-basement. By taking a position within FASA, I intend to find ways of making a kind of primordial soup of art students, where they stew around with each other in a sort of mineral rich bath, and bump into each other, occasionally getting struck by figurative lightning bolts that could initiate life. Art school has little that is more useful and important to a student than that student's fellow students, student. Katerina Lagasse is a Communications and Art History student. This short paragraph has taken a classic approach to campaigning. There is an egotistical glory that comes with these sorts of things and I love saying wonderful things about myself. As a representative of FASA, as VP external, I will facilitate projects for Fine Arts students within the Montreal Community and between other Fine Arts Institutions in Canada. On a personal note, I am serious. Theory gives me nightmares. Bedbugs also give be nightmares. My name is Rachel Rotrand, and I am running for VP clubs and services for FASA’s 2010-2011 executive team. I am a third year student majoring in Art History and Studio Arts. The position of VP clubs and services appeals to me as I think clubs are a great way for students to get involved. It is easy to start a club or join one, and FASA will help with club funding! As VP clubs I would work with anyone interested in starting a club to complete club registration and budget proposals accurately, as well as have regular meetings with clubs to help with the organization of events. Additionally, as a FASA executive I want to increase publicity about exhibition opportunities at Concordia and in Montreal. For Art History students, and any other people who would like to have their written work published, I would also ensure that Fine arts students receive greater awareness of the many journals throughout Concordia seeking student submissions. If anyone has questions and would like to talk, I work at CafÊ X in the EV building. Come and visit Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons! Hey there, my name is Ali Moenck and I'm running for VP Clubs and Services for FASA. As an involved member of Concordia and its Fine Arts community, I often find myself looking to clubs on campus for great services and events. For a student like you, it can be difficult to get involved or find information on services and clubs that FASA provides, especially that ones that interest you. Some of my best experiences in the Fine Arts community at Concordia have been a result of serendipity. If elected, I hope to provide you with more services that Fine Arts students need and publicize the services it already offers, like the mezz table, and the buttonmaker. Did you know there's a FASA buttonmaker? You might be involved with a club or several clubs or campus groups under FASA, and have concerns or ideas you want to put forward. I want to work with you to address these issues, and sustain a relationship between clubs and FASA that makes it easier for them to hold events throughout the year, and get their ideas and voices heard. If you're wondering anything else about me, my philosophy is best worded by my favorite band, Dala, "I'm no genius, I just live in a messy room." Email me at Amy is a Studio Arts student who dreams of one day owning a artist-run-center/bakery/coffee shop/vintage store/record label/gallery/day care/bike shop/design firm/hostel and a dog. I'm interested in the VP of Special Events position with FASA because I have a lot of energy that I want to put towards planning events that when you see the poster for you'll be like "whoaaaa" and you'll get out your agenda and write it down. Basically, I want to take advantage of the fact that Concordia is in Montreal and that there is some pretty amazing stuff happening here - I just want to make MORE of it happen at Concordia.

IMPORTANT MESSAGES FROM VP FINANCE SPECIAL PROJECTS All responses regarding FASA Special project grants have been sent via email. If you have any questions please direct them to Julie Johnston at The deadline to submit your receipts for reimbursement is April 7 2010. If it is not possible for you to submit receipts by this time you must send an email to make special arrangements for a late submission.

JOBCALL – FASA Financial Officer Training to commence April 15th 2010, position to terminate May 2011. Required knowledge: Student must be enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts, with working knowledge of Faculty of Fine Arts student organized initiatives such as Art Matters, VAV Gallery, Reading Room and Café X, in additional to general needs of Fine Arts students and student organized clubs. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are a must. Computer skills required, including good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and other bookkeeping software. Familiarity with Concordia Financial Services, Millennium Production and other University departments will be a bonus. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated excellent organizational skills and proven ability to execute deadlines. Duties: The VP Finance is responsible for drafting FASA’s annual budget in consultation with the FASA President and Co-ordinator of Student and Alumni Relations. This includes predicting general expenditures, as well as identifying new potential costs or sources of income, with at least 50% of the budget allocated for Clubs and Special Projects funding. The VP Finance must keep excellent records; monitor the online accounts of FASA and Art Matters, in addition to processing all financial transactions through Concordia’s Financial Services Departments. Time and money: 15 hours per week, $11.50 per hour. How to apply: Please submit a current CV detailing work experience as well as volunteer experience, and a cover letter detailing why you want the position, what you can contribute to the position, and ideas you might have about improving or streamlining basic operations for dispersing FASA’s funds to the Fine Arts Student body for the 2010/2011 school year. Documents must be submitted to Julie Johnston at EV 5-777, no later than 4pm on Wednesday April 7th, 2010. To find out more about this position or getting involved with FASA, contact Julie Johnston at (514) 848-2424 ext 5057, or by email at



ART MATTERS IS SEEKING A PUBLICATION MANAGER WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR COORDINATING THE ART MATTERS 10TH ANNIVERSARY PUBLICATION Application deadline is Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 5pm. Please see below for full details. For more information, please contact Tricia Middleton at As part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations, the Art Matters Festival will be creating a publication to commemorate these 10 incredible years. In collaboration with the Art Matters Festival and Office of Student Relations, the Art Matters 10th Anniversary Publication Manager will oversee the co-ordination and production of this publication. The Publication Manager’s duties will include: // Locating contact information for all past and present co-producers and conducting interviews in person, by phone or email with co-producer from all past festivals; // Locating and assessing all existing photos and documents from FARR and Art Matters archives, this includes all program guides, posters, flyers, press releases, photos, videos or sound recording; // Extracting highlights from this archive to form basis of publication; // Contacting documenters (photographer and videographer) to obtain further materials and image releases; // Contacting artists in featured materials for releases; // Liaising with the Art Matters Festival, Fine Arts Reading Room and Co-ordinator, Student Relations to design and implement structure for the publication; // Once the structure has been finalized, the Publication Manager will edit and compile these research materials into a cohesive whole under the agreed upon structural terms; // When the final editorial choices are completed (in liaison with the Art Matters Festival and Reading Room), the Publication Manager copy edits this material for translation / final copy; // The Publication Manager participates on the hiring committee for the Publication Designer; // Liaises w/ Publication Designer and Translator, supplying each with information and assistance

as necessary; // Works with Designer to facilitate final printing of the Art Matters 10 year Anniversary Publication. Qualifications: // The Publication Manager must possess: // Excellent research skills; // Excellent writing skills; // Excellent organization and editorial skills; // Past experience with publication work is an asset; // Bilingualism an asset though not required. The Publication Manager must be: // A 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student in any department; // Detail oriented, organized, efficient, motivated; // A team player but also able to work alone; // Confidential in all their dealings as Publication Manager. This position will commence April 19th and continue until to October 16th, 2010. Remuneration is 12$ per hour up to 260 hours during the indicated time period. This works out to approximately 12 hours per week over 22 weeks, though the successful candidate can set his or her own schedule to a certain extent. Working during the summer from Montreal is a non-negotiable term of accepting this position. To apply for this position, please submit a current CV, letter of intent addressing your suitability for this position, and 2 brief letters of reference (one must come from a faculty member) to Tricia Middleton at EV-5779. Submissions may be placed under this office door at any time, or left at Dean’s Office reception at EV 2-781 during regular office hours, Monday to Friday. Please be sure to address your submissions to Tricia Middleton, indicating the position you are applying for.

Submission deadline: March 31st, 2010 5pm ---------------------------------------------------------

FINE ARTS READING ROOM: THE FARR IS HIRIING FOR THE 2010 / 2011 YEAR We are looking for 2 undergraduate students, preferably in their second or third year of studies, though this is not mandatory. The available positions are: 1.

Reading Room staff member



Eligibility for Work Study will be a bonus, but not a deciding factor. General qualifications for all positions: Highly self-motivated and self directed Knowledgeable in Art History/Contemporary Art Skilled in Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, web design)

Proficient with computers, office and design software Experiences with multimedia/cameras, etc Highly organized with previous experience with office work or event organizing Spoken and written French a plus Additional qualifications for applicants interested in the management position: // Working knowledge of building and adhering to budgets // Detail oriented // Strong ability to multitask // Exceptional interpersonal skills // Ability to keep wider view of the scope Reading Room project while keeping operations rooted in reality/connected to the project mandate // Past leadership or management experience a plus Submit a CV and Cover Letter to the Reading Room (EV 2 785) or to:, by Friday April 9th, 2010 at 5pm. Prospective candidates will be contacted for interviews the following week. NOTE: Applicants are invited to apply for more than one position, i.e. for both manager and staff member if they would be interested in both outcomes. Applying for one or two positions at the Reading Room will not impact on the applicant’s overall submission. With this in mind, please indicate clearly in your cover letter what position(s) you are applying for.

Submission deadline: April 9th, 2010, 5pm -----------------------------

VAV GALLERY: VAV GALLERY CO-DIRECTOR POSITIONS OPENING DEADLINE: // FRIDAY, APRIL 16 2010, 5:00pm INTERVIEWS: // MONDAY/TUESDAY, APRIL 19th–20th, 2010 Unlike other university galleries across Canada, the VAV Gallery is administered by undergraduate students. Each year, two students share the positions of gallery director. The positions involve artistic programming, promotion, research, accounting, space management as well as many other activities. This is a unique opportunity for students to gain skills that are necessary to self-managed careers in art and for anyone interested in arts administration. The job is extremely rigorous and demanding yet very rewarding for anyone who has the time and energy to commit to the position. The past year's Co-Directors will provide the new directors with final reports, training and suggestions for the following year. Do not be intimidated by the job description. The most basic parts are energy, interpersonal skills and a good head for organizing.

TIME AND MONEY // Each of the positions receives 15 paid hours a week. (Note: You will work more than that per week.)

QUALIFICATIONS // Applicants must be undergraduate Fine Arts Students and enrolled as full-time students during your time as Co-Director. // Organizational or curatorial experience on a substantial scale. // Familiarity with office and design/layout software. // The ability to work extremely well in a pair or team. // Excellent writing skills. // French is a bonus. // Strong work ethic.

HOW TO APPLY Your application should include the following: // A COVER LETTER outlining why you feel you would be qualified for the position as well as what you have to contribute to the gallery. // A CURRENT C.V.

YOU MAY APPLY ALONE OR WITH ANOTHER PERSON. (Please make sure to specify this in your cover letter.) For more information about the VAV Gallery, visit: For questions about the positions contact the VAV Gallery at

DEADLINE APRIL 16, 5:00 PM: under the office door VA-037 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS / DEPARTMENT EVENTS: GALLERY X First of all, Thanks to everyone who submit work for the Gallery X Salon Show, from the submissions we got, we were quite impressed! However, due to an inadequate amount of submissions, we have had to postpone the show for the next school year, and we'd like to welcome instead.... Cora Woellenstein's haunting photography series, HEALED. Our final vernissage of the semester will take place Tuesday, March 30th, from 6-8pm. Be sure to come by!!

SCULPTURE AT EASTERN BLOC We are 16 students who are all in the same sculpture class and we decided to organize an exhibition to showcase our work. The art pieces featured in the show will be quite diversified in terms of the approaches taken by each artist, but all are created around the theme of home. Some works will incorporate multimedia components, whereas others will explore the central theme with a variety of materials.

TITLE: // Place

DATES: // VERNISSAGE: March 25 5 PM to 11 PM // EXHIBITION: March 26 to 28 from 12 PM to 6 PM

LOCATION: // EASTERN BLOC // 7240 CLARK Unit Level 2 //

ARTISTS: Emily Beaudoin // David Biddle // Amélie Bissonnette // Emma Carbonneau // Aurélie Dubois // Maggy Flynn // Bella Klein // Geneviève L'Heureux // Philippe Lefebvre // Jonathan Lemieux // Michelle Lundqvist // Rio Mitchell // Jeanne Painchaud-Boulet // Benjamin Pettipas // Audrey Poisson-Poirier // Helena Maria Stambelos

DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC CONCERT Student Concert Series April 2010 // April 10 at 8 p.m. // Charles Ellison Jazz Sextet // Apr. 17 at 8 p.m. // Guitare Montréal // For more news and events from the Department of Music: // For other events at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall: //

Série des concerts d!étudiants avril 2010 //

10 avril à 20 h // Sextuor de jazz de Charles Ellison // 17 avril à 20 h // Guitare Montréal // Pour de plus amples informations au sujet des événements du Département de musique : // Pour d!autres événements à la salle de concert Oscar Peterson : //

INDEX Index: // Graduating Photo 400 show. April 16th from 6-12pm at Jean Brillion Gallery (661 Rose De Lima). The show is also open until May 1st Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday 12pm-5pm, and Thursday and Friday 12pm-8pm.

CERAMICS STUDENT ASSOCIATION Ceramics Student Association end of year show

Gaia Ceramics Studios //1590 rue Laurier Est. from April 27 to May 3.

Vernissage // April 27 at 7 pm.

FOFA GALLERY Concordia University’s FOFA Gallery (Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery) presents: Main Gallery & Black Box

// d_verse: transitional algorhythms of gesture // pk langshaw // with: diego rivera and glauco bermudez, olga chagaoutdinova, jérome delapierre, mark zadel, jean gervais, nancy bussières, zoe dominiak, isabel mohn, tim sutton, tania alvarez York Corridor Vitrines

// pk langshaw: book work (Mar. 29 to Apr. 1)

// d_verse laboratory: a sustainable model in three phases in research/creation (Apr. 1 to 16) When: // March 29 to April 16, 2010

Vernissage: // Thurs., Apr. 8, 5 to 7 p.m.

Gallery Hours: // Monday to Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Info: // or 514-848-2424 ext. 7962

Address: // 1515 Ste Catherine Street W. (EV 1-715), Metro Guy-Concordia

Free of charge. Everyone welcome. With d_verse: transitional algorhythms of gesture, the FOFA Gallery will be transformed into an expanded project lab for pk langshaw, d_verse’s principal investigator, and her collaborators. A multi-layered expression of live performance and film art by multiple authors featuring poetry, sound, lighting, dance and video will interact and communicate through the gesture of line – light projection will inform performance, performance will inform filmmaking, and filmmaking will inform viewing. In this cyclic path the scenographer, the dancers, the costume designer, the sound engineer and the filmmaker become a catalyst for an emergent complex weave of moving and interacting patterns within a unified whole. d_verse laboratory: a sustainable model in three phases in research/creation will feature work from professional design houses: Noujica (Catherine Cournoyer & Jinny Lévesque), atelier b (Catherine Métiver & Anne-Marie Laflamme) and Majolie (Lysanne Latulippe). Visit for more information on d_verse: transitional algorhythms of gesture and its creators.


CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS: CALL FOR PAPERS ASFASA Publication Art History/Theory & Criticism papers (approx 2000 words) that address: // Interdisciplinarity // Public Art // Art & Community

or // Art & Psychology // Art & Philosophy // Art & Biology Chosen papers will be published in the ASFASA Festival’s retrospective publication, which will be printed this summer. Please send a copy of your paper (including bibliography), a 100-word abstract and your contact information to by April 10, 2010. LES TEXTES EN FRANÇAIS SONT LES BIENVENUS! For questions, please contact Mariane, FASA VP External:


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