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NATIONAL SPIRITUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BAHÁ'ÍS OF BULGARIA P.O. Box 48, 1618 Sofia; Tel.: +359 /2/ 955 58 33

NINETEEN DAY FEAST LETTER Mulk, Dominion 7 February 2011 / 167 BE

Dear Friends, Following the appointment of new Counsellors to the Continental Board of Counsellors in Europe last November, the Board has assigned a new Counsellor to liaise with Bulgaria. She is Olga Daradur, living in Moldova. She plans to make an acquaintance visit to Bulgaria later this month. When we have more details we will inform the friends in the communities she will visit. We look forward to meeting our new Counsellor! In November the House of Justice shared with us the news that excavation work has begun on the site of the future House of Worship in Chile, the last continental House of Worship to be constructed. They explain that many obstacles had to be overcome to reach this important milestone. Since “further challenges can be expected to arise in the coming months and years”, they call on “the friends in every part of the Bahá’í World” to “join together in earnest supplication of the Blessed Beauty, beseeching Him to bring about the successful completion of this significant enterprise.” As we mentioned in our last letter the Unit Conventions to elect delegates to the National Bahá’í Convention should be held around 27 February. You should shortly be receiving your ballots. It is your privilege to be able to participate in this important element of Bahá’í administration. If you don’t receive your ballot, please contact Judith Oudejans (02 986 24 75 or GSM 0899 801 480) or Yulia Baicheva (02 868 79 72 or GSM 0889 106 333). Dear friends, as we focus on specific tasks ahead, let us remember the spiritual purpose of our endeavors, to bring true unity to the world. In their message of 28 December 2010 regarding the Five Year Plan, the House of Justice quotes these thought-provoking words of ‘Abdu’lBahá: When any souls grow to be true believers, they will attain a spiritual relationship with one another, and show forth a tenderness which is not of this world. They will, all of them, become elated from a draught of divine love, and that union of theirs, that connection, will also abide forever. With loving Bahá’í greetings, NATIONAL SPIRITUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BAHÁ’ÍS OF BULGARIA

2011 167 Feb 7 NDFL Mulk Dominion Engl