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Journy Studio 602 Karen J. King

Spring 2017 Instructor

“’I am not so much interested in ethics or morals,’ wrote the founder of deep ecology, Arne Naess. ‘I am interested in how we experience the world.’ Our experience of the world is a fusion between the internal landscape of our minds and our constructed reality. In this ‘mental ecology,’ to use Pallasmaa’s term, our body is the pivotal point of interface.” Sarah Robinson, “Of Havens” Over the course of the semester, you will be asked to develop and a site analysis, precedent studies, architectural “Whenprepare enacted consciously, ritual sanctifies and transcends mere routine. The practice of ritual effectively transmits knowledge across systems time because it is as, program, and a building designthat includes such patterned and alliterative. structural, envelope, mechanical/electrical andfurnishings, Sarah Robinson, “Ritual: A Cipher Time,” Nesting all with an underlying intention of creating a selfof“sustaining” enclosure where there is no infrastructure other than the The program of this studio is study of death through the lens and act of that of theIt’s building The sitethat might bebeconsidered architecture. importantitself. to understand we will designing an a architectureenvironment of death [more specifically a vertical death has “hostile” for humans and cemetery], thus the but building must a definition andconsidered is not the program subject for per se. things die. Cells at times be a “refuge” theMany inhabitants. There are only one. The program subject will be determined through answering will further instructions andresearch subsetand projects issued ashas to thebe question [supported by rigorous speculation], what the andwill specific lectures, and died?semester The answer advances to this question set a linereadings, of inquiry for the semester. It is an important opportunityto to the take corresponding on any number of subjects, including discussions pertaining problem will be philosophical [see Weil above]. While an individual belief system may have part of the work flow. These lectures support and supplement some bearing on the interpretation of the program activities and rituals of studio address in the readings. cemetery,activities the studio and project is not theissues design raised of a denominational cemetery. Cemetery is our vehicle for something that has died. The rituals of death may provide a way of organizing and embedding meaning to the experience of the architecture. This could be applied to a project exploring the death of truth as well as to one exploring the death of the circus or one exporing the death of the body. Karen J. King U N M S A A P

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Farrokh Rostami Kia

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Graduation review  

A portfolio of my studio projects for pre-graduation review at the University of New Mexico.

Graduation review  

A portfolio of my studio projects for pre-graduation review at the University of New Mexico.