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Students   And   Parents   At   Jumeira   Baccalaureate   School   Listen   Intently  To  hearLIFE  Clinic  Presentation     Dubai,  May  13  –  Parents  and  students  were  educated  about  why  hearing  is  so  vital,   learning  more  about  protection  and  treatment  of  hearing  loss.  Hearing  loss  in  adults   and   children   can   go   un-­‐noticed   and   it   can   cause   serious   challenges   when   it   comes   to   communication  and  development  in  all  aspects  of  life.       The  hearLIFE  Clinic  is  an  otology  clinic  dedicated  to  treat  hearing  loss  in  adults  and   children.    Their  goal  is  to  raise  awareness  of  hearing  loss  by  education  campaigns  in   schools   and   among   other   healthcare   professionals   and   institutions.   As   part   of   the   campaign,   screening   tests   are   being   offered   in   schools   which   will   ensure   any   hearing   loss  can  be  detected  early  and  treated  as  soon  as  possible.   Rachel   Jex,   the   Jumeira   Baccalaureate   School     (JBS)   Nurse,   said:   “The   hearLIFE   presentation   this   morning   really   made   our   parents   and   students   consider  the   most   simple   every   day   things   that   really   can   have   an   impact   on   a   child’s   hearing   –   the   presentations   were   extremely   engaging   for   parents   and   children   alike   -­‐   all   credit   given  to  hearLIFE  for  their  awareness  campaign.’   Parents   who   attended   the   presentation   saw   an   instant   change   in   their   child’s   behavior  upon  returning  home  from  school  today,  they  asked  for  the  television  to  be   turned   down   and   enquired   about   their   ear   cleanliness.   All   of   this   shows   that   the   campaign  is  working  and  goes  to  support  hearLIFE  in  achieving  its  goals.   "The   hearLIFE   Clinic's  collaboration   with   schools   like   JBS  is   essential  in   delivering   early  awareness  about  hearing  loss.  Throughout  the  early  school  years,  parents  and   educators   should   monitor   school  children's   hearing   because   it   can   affect   their   development  and  education  as  well  as  social  interactions.  Children  with  undiagnosed   hearing   problems   tend   to   face   difficulties   in   school  and   in   some   cases   can   be  misdiagnosed   with  laziness   or   learning   difficulties.  There   are   several   options   for   treating   hearing   problems,   but   the   most   important   factor   is   early   diagnosis   and   intervention,  especially  in  children  so  they  can  get  back  on  track  with  their  education   and  make  the  most  of  the  fun  that  childhood  brings,"  said  Jasmin  Beck,  CEO  hearLIFE   Clinic  Dubai.  

Working closely   with   hearLIFE   allows   Jumeira   Baccalaureate   School,   a   Taaleem   School,   to   be   fully   informed   about   how   to   support   children   in   school   with   hearing   loss,  ensuring  any  barriers  to  communication  are  overcome  effectively.       Ends-­‐     For  more  information  contact:   Felicity  Preston   Director  of  Development  and  Admissions   Jumeira  Baccalaureate  School  -­‐  +971  (0)4  344  6931     or     Clive  Pierrepont     Director  of  Communications   Taaleem    +971  (0)55  8097447         About  Taaleem   Taaleem,  which  means  education  in  Arabic,  has  been  establishing,  operating  and  managing   early  childhood,  primary  and  secondary  schools  since  its  inception  in  2004.Taaleem  seeks  to   raise  the  regional  educational  standards  through  the  committed  development  of  individual   student’s  talents  and  passions,  which  is  in  turn  facilitated  and  supported  by  the  recruitment   of  top  international  educators  and  the  implementation  of  international  education  policies,   operations  and  global  best  practice.   With   quality   at   the   forefront   of   Taaleem’s   offering,   each   project   is   tailored   to   answer   the   specific  educational  requirements  of  a  wide  range  of  families  by  offering  top  international   curricula  including  British,  American,  the  International  Baccalaureate,  International  Primary   Curriculum  and  their  proprietary  custom  early  childhood  programme.   Taaleem   is   wholeheartedly   committed   to   creating   and   implementing   benchmark   educational   initiatives,   nurturing   educational   excellence   through   the   attraction,   retention   and   development   of   the   best   educators.   The   continuous   evaluation   and   improvement   of   standards   across   all   schools   has   ensured   that   the   Taaleem   schools   have   been   established   as   valued  cornerstones  of  their  communities.      

About the hearLIFE Clinic

Open since  May  2012  in  Dubai  Healthcare  City,  UAE,  the  hearLIFE  Clinic  delivers  a  life-­‐long   commitment   to   patients   living   with   hearing   impairments   and   deafness   by   offering   a   full-­‐ service   solution   that   includes   initial   diagnosis,   surgery,   rehabilitation   therapy   and   long-­‐term   aftercare  tailored  to  the  patient’s  specific  needs.     Fitted  with  the  latest  tools  and  equipment  as  well  as  an  experienced  medical,  audiological   and  rehabilitation  team,  the  hearLIFE  Clinic  aims  to  help  patients  overcome  hearing  loss  in  a   qualified,  reliable,  caring  and  supportive  environment.     The   hearLIFE   Clinic   has   been   designed   with   both   adults   and   children   in   mind   and   provides   a   range   of   facilities   that   includes   soundproof   rooms   for   audiological   testing,   rehabilitation   rooms   designed   to   engage   children   as   they   undergo   speech   therapy   and   consultation   rooms.         As  a  recipient  of  an  Academic  Permit  by  the  Dubai  Healthcare  City  Academic  and  Research   Council,   the   hearLIFE   Clinic   also   offers   accredited   training   programs   and   workshops   to   medical   professionals   and   the   general   public   that   cover   all   aspects   related   to   hearing   loss   and  the  latest  treatments.      

Students and parents at jumeira baccalaureate school listen intently to hearlife clinic presentation