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Q& A William “AJ” Saunders ‘07 talks about his experience at Farragut By: Chris Girandola

How long did you attend Farragut? I attended for 3 years. Grades 10-12.

focused and I wanted to advance further and that also kept me focused.

Where are you originally from?

How did Farragut prepare you for life?

It was great preparation for life. Being an MSO, I developed leadership qualities that few people my age could get. Living away from home taught me how to be responsible in my independence. I ended up being selected as Battalion Adjutant my senior year. This involved me being in charge of the dormitory, formations, as well as parade duties. The responsibilities of the job were great and that was on top of my academic work and sports (I played football, soccer, sailing, swimming, track, I also flew with Coach Ewing). I learned about time management and prioritizing really quick. I also learned about politics in my position on the Battalion Staff and what you had to do to get things done. It was a really great for me to get all of that experience in such a short time.

The Bahamas

How did you hear about Farragut?

Farragut did a recruitment visit in the Bahamas and I also knew other Bahamians who went there. I was also looking for high schools with a Naval background because it was my dream to fly for the Navy.

What was it like attending a school hundreds of miles away from home...and living here?

My family is in the travel business, therefore I had done a lot of travel away from home and away from my family before heading to Farragut. But even when I got there after the first few weeks, it hit me a little bit. Missing the beach and my friends that I left behind. I was fortunate to get to know a great group of guys and they helped me out a lot. My roommate, Thomas Deeter, who still is my best friend, was always a great help and made the adjustment period easier. However, after my fifth week at Farragut, Captain McClelland asked me to be a middle school officer (MSO) and everything changed. I was thrown into an even deeper pool but I had a job and that kept me

What do you do now?

After Farragut I went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. I got my pilots license shortly after graduating from Farragut and then went on to get my instrument rating. After my undergraduate in Airport Management, I went on to get my MBA also from Embry-Riddle. I then began working for a charter aircraft company out of Fort Lauderdale where


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Reveille Summer 2015  

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