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1. Architecture



Green Bond*

Green Bond- (Urban Scale)


Food Experience Centre - (Building Scale)


Museum Extension-MAMAC TO CIAC**

2. Design

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Furniture Design***


Jewelry Design


3. Photography


*: Final Master Project , Individual , Duration: 24 Weeks , Date: 2011 **: Master Project , Individual , Duration: 16 Weeks , Date: 2010 ***: Master Course , Individual , Duration: 1 Week , Date: 2010


About Me




Green Bond

Green Bond

Green Bond is a continuous productive urban landscape (CPUL) * in the west side of Maastricht, that connects the old urban fringe to a series of historical, recreational, urban green spaces and finally to the northwest regional landscape. What makes Green Bond distinctive from other kinds of CPULs is the existence of a number of historical and cultural places in its structure, to straighten the concept with extra economic dimension of tourism. Furthermore, a building which functions as a Food Experience Centre is part of this system to emphasize that CPULs should not be just about urban open spaces. As CPULs have to compete with other urban land uses, existing urban greens, city farms, vacant plots, and non-polluted brownfields are precious. The location of Green Bond is chosen next to the industrial zone of Belvedere, with the purpose of revitalizing the local area. This spatial linkage between city and countryside not only enables urban inhabitants to travel into countryside and rural inhabitants to travel to cities, but also, attracts domestic and foreign tourists.

*: Viljoen, A. CPULs: continuous productive urban landscapes: Oxford: Architectural Press, 2005. ISBN:07506 55437


Green Bond


Legend Pedestrian and Bicycle Road Existing Urban Agriculture Existing Urban Green Existing Nature Vacant Land Existing Children’s Playground Historical Place Food Experience Center


Green Bond-Layout

Food Experience Center

Urban Farm


School Farm Children Playground

Fort Willem


Food Experience Centre

Food Experience Centre is a complex in which people can experience the entire chain of local food systems including production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Apart from increasing public awareness about the benefits of local food systems, the concept aims to benefit both ‘local food producers’, by offering them a distribution space for their products, and ‘(local) consumers’, by providing them healthy local food options. The building consists of different spaces that represent the chain of local food systems [Table 1]. Food Experience Centre is an architectural renovation plan for a nonpolluted empty industrial building, which is to be part of ECOC 2018 for introducing the Dutch local agriculture to the world. Production Processing Distribution Consumption

Green House, Beekeeping, Vertical Farm Restaurant’s Kitchen , Community Kitchen ,Cooking Workshop, Children Cooking Class, Bakery, Packaging Market Community kitchen, Restaurant, Culinary Event

Table 1: The spaces of the building, categorized according to the kind of experience they provide


A Journey Through the Food Experience Centre



Front Elevation

Back Elevation

Side Elevation

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan


F o o d E x p e r i e n c e C e n t r e’ s S c e n a r i o s 1- Community Kitchen Minke Willems is a 25 year old Master student of art and culture in the University of Maastricht. She wants to celebrate her 26th birthday in the Food Experience Centre’s Community Kitchen.

3- Does shopping for her birthday dinner in the Food Experience Center’s market.

Minke Willems:

1- Arrives at the Food Experience Center by bike.

4- Cooks her birthday dinner with the guidance of her chef buddy.

2- Chooses a delicious birthday dinner with the help of her chef buddy and get the food recipe.

5- Celebrates her 26th birthday party with her friends in the community kitchen’s roof top terrace.


2- Restaurant Lambert family including: Rik, a 37 year old business consultant (father), Linda, a 35 year old bank employee (mother) and Ellie, an 8 year old second grade student (daughter) lives in the Belgian city of Hasselt. They have decided to eat their Sunday lunch in the Food Experience Center’s Restaurant. 3- Pick their own food ingredients from the green house.

Lambert Family:

1- Arrive at the Food Experience Center and park their car.

4- Give their basket to the restaurant kitchen.

2- Choose their favorite meal from the menu and get a basket with their food recipe and the list of ingredients available in the greenhouse.

5- Eat tasty- fresh- slow food in the restaurant.


Existing Building Food Experience Centre

Existing Building Food Experience Centre



Museum Extension

M u s e u m E x t e n s i o n - M A M A C TO C I A C

The MAMAC ‘Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’ was built for the world art exposition of 1905 in the Belgian city of Liege. The building, which has been functioning as an art museum, possesses both a changing and a permanent collection but due to the limitation of exhibition space the permanent collection is maintained on the basement storage. The extension plan of the museum of MAMAC aims at creating additional and sufficient exhibition space for both national and international art expositions. The old museum, which is located in the public park of la Boerie, has almost no connection with its surrounding area and the park visitors are seldom attracted to the museum’s art exhibitions. The main objective of the extension design plan is to raise the attractiveness of the museum for both local inhabitants and tourists. The museum extension design is based on two main concepts: Firstly the museum’s French garden which has been very obsolete is transformed to the museum extension and to keep the essence of the old French garden, its pattern is kept in the museum’s site plan design. Secondly the entrance of the museum is moved to the new building and as the museum is located on an island in Meuse, this way museum visitors can also enter the island by boat.


Museum Entrance

Site Plan




Museum Entrance

First Floor Plan

Museum Extension

Museum Exit

Basement Floor Plan

Section A-A


Bird’s Eye Perspective-Night View

Bird’s Eye Perspective-Day View




Furniture Design

Growing Herbs for Tea

Tea Table Made from Recycled Wood Pallets


Would You Like Some Fresh Mint Tea?!!!

Jewelry Design




Shiraz, Iran Autumn 2008


Maastricht, the Netherlands Autumn 2010


Cologne, Germany – Winter 2010


Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial statue Margraten , the Netherlands Autumn 2010


Rudkhan Castle - A brick and stone medieval castle Located 25 km southwest of Foman , Gilan province , Iran Gilan , Iran , Autumn 2007





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Architecture & Design Portfolio  

Architecture & Design Portfolio