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Thrifty Thrifting

Thrifty Thrifting

The hunt is on!

By Laina Walkington
Photo by AdventureBoundMedia.com
Photo by AdventureBoundMedia.com

I will admit, I am the girl who gets more excited about a trip to the thrift store than the mall.

Think of the excitement:

• The element of surprise and not knowing what you will find!

• The potential to find a such a "great deal"!

• Gaining a "one-of-a-kind" treasure that makes your space!

• Leaving the store with so many fun and "new to you" things at a fraction of the original price!

Photo by AdventureBoundMedia.com

Like anything, when you have a lot of practice at something you get faster, more skilled, and learn some tricks.

Here are some of my Thrifty Thrifting tips!

Ask for the store sales. Certain days, colored tags, different sections typically all go on sale. Some of the stores that I frequent have something for each day of the week!

Keep an ongoing list of things that you are wanting. It is just like grocery shopping! I keep mine on my phone including measurements of areas. This is such a key to getting the right piece.

Photo by AdventureBoundMedia.com

I am not a person that enjoys fixing things. If you are also one of these people (ask a friend if you don't know), don't buy something that needs to be repaired or altered to fit your space. If you do this, it may never happen, and you will have junk. Wait for something that works right the first time, and it likely won't be on your list again.

Keep your eyes peeled for things that you like that are unique. Your style will help you with your accessories and personalize your space.

Give yourself a set amount of time and maybe set your alarm. It is so easy to lose track of time when you get into the weeds of the treasure hunt! I can quickly eat up a few hours and not realize it!

Thrifting is a treat when done right. Keep in mind your "Questions to ask yourself before you buy." from Issue One. We don't want unnecessary clutter and things to hoard.