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Sponsorship Acceptance Form ________________ is pleased to accept the offering in this proposal and the terms outlined therein for the following sponsorship package.  ______________ Sponsor Package – Amount $ ________  Please Lock in our Sponsorship for ______ years Signed on behalf of _________________________________ Name: ____________________________________________ Position: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________

Signed on behalf of the Karoonda Farm Fair: Name:

Ray Bald

Position: Fair Manager Date: __________________________

For all information regarding this proposal please contact: Saskia Davidson

Saskia Davidson

Sponsorship / Promotions

Karoonda Farm Fair 16 Swamp PO Box 6 Road, Murray Bridge, SA 5253 Murray Bridge SA 5253

P: 0437 182 815 E: W:

‘Thank you for your support’

Sponsorship 2014  
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