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A lifestyle brand, making motorcycle accessories and garage must haves. The collection of farmers racer is designed and manufactured in Sweden. Hand made in standard models, or taylormade on Your demand. Dressing up motorcycles farmers way.

Wrench turning tarps Front fenders Seat covers Clogs and other things ... mabe one or two T-shirts.

The farmers approach Racing takes time and style. Not necessarily with record times and high rankings. More often a slow growing feeling of freedom. The main goal of racing is to race again - regardless if you win or loose, the goal is the same. Farmers racer takes the time factor out of the race, and brings quality and style back into both motorcycling and wrench turning. Can´t surf - I grow trees and build bikes..:)

made in Sweden

farmers racer preview  
farmers racer preview  

A sneak preview of the brand - opening january 2012