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Harvester demonstration

Sussex demonstration highlights green harvest line-up

An opportunity to get behind the wheel of models in New Holland’s Forage Cruiser forage harvester line-up also provided a demonstration of the company’s growing range of mowers, rakes and tedders plus updated handlers and tractors. David Williams tried them out. The demonstration was on grassland owned by Goodwood Estate, which includes 1,400ha of all-arable rotation cropping within its 4,600ha land area. The farm has been dedicated to organic food production for 17 years and the grassland had suffered during months of drier than average weather but the demonstration field allowed the benefits of New Holland’s design features to be highlighted at the event. Along with five forage harvesters there were mowers, rakes and tedders in New Holland colours following the acquisition in 2017 of Kongskilde’s machinery division, and also featuring were the latest T7-HD tractors and the new T6.175 with DynamicCommand transmission. The latest telescopic handler and a wheeled loader were also available to try.

Brand updates The event commenced with a description of New Holland’s recent business performance by business director for UK and Ireland Pat Smith who explained that 52 per cent of CNH Industrial’s revenue is from Europe and that unit numbers in the UK this year so far are up 15.7 per cent on the same period last year, on a like-for-like basis and excluding implements. Marketing manager Mark Crosby highlighted celebrations marking 60

years of harvesters since the Claeys models were first sold in 1959 and 100 years since the first Fiats were sold which is being marked by limited edition terracotta-coloured New Holland tractors. Mark went on to highlight that 45 per cent of tractors produced at Basildon last year were T6 models with T7 std and T7 long wheelbase machines accounting for 25 per cent each. T7 HD tractors took 5 per cent of production.

 The demonstration provided an opportunity to get to grips with the FR650 and FR780 models.  Intake options include high performance feed rolls (standard on the FR920) and DualDrive which uses a secondary hydraulic motor solely to drive the header for increased crop handling capability.

Strong investment New Holland has invested heavily in forage harvester development in recent years and it was stated at the event that the company’s target for European market share is second place minimum. The FR Forage Cruiser line-up includes 5 models from 476–911hp, all powered by FPT engines. Product specialist for hay and forage Ian Bourke said “FPT engines provide excellent torque back-up which is essential for forage harvesting where working loads are rarely consistent. Up to 48 per cent torque rise is available on the flagship FR920 and lower down the range the FR650 has recently been tested by DLG confirming superb fuel economy with only 0.45 litres of diesel consumed per tonne of chopped

silage, at a chop length of 19mm.”

Drums to suit There are 5 drums to choose from, but for grass a rotor with a staggered double set of 10 blades in a chevron configuration is most popular while for biogas maize a rotor with two sets of 20 knives gives a finer chop. Standard chop lengths achievable are 2–33mm and a high-speed pulley drive is an option extending the chop length range available. New Holland believes its drum is the toughest on the market; stating that as well as chopping grass, wholecrop and maize it is also fully approved for coppicing, chopping woody vegetation up to 150mm diameter.

“We use the largest drum of any manufacturer which means forage passes through the chopper in a wide but thin mat, promoting an efficient cutting action,” explained forage harvester specialist Ian Bourke. Automatic blade sharpening is standard and New Holland gives an option to sharpen with drum rotation reversed for a more effective cutting edge and extending working life. The continued over...

The FR Forage Cruiser model range Model Engine Engine size/ cyl Max hp Torque Nm@1,500rpm Torque rise 2,100–1,500rpm Drum cylinder width Drum cylinder diameter

FR480 FPT Cursor 13 12.9-litre/ 6 476 2,003 38%


544 2,316 38%

FR650 FPT Cursor 16 15.927-litre/6 653 2,751 37% 884mm 710mm


775 3,323 38%

FR920 FPT V20 20.100-litre/V8 911 4,095 48% Cabs are comfortable and quiet and offer superb visibility.

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