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Vegetable & Root Crops Energy-efficient cooling system

JDI customer Albert Bartlett required full design, installation and commissioning of a complete energy-efficient ammonia/glycol (HFC-free) cooling system to enable the business to meet the demands of its new chilled potato products.

Industrial refrigeration specialist JD Industrial Cooling (JDI) has designed and installed an energy-efficient cooling system to enable potato farmer Albert Bartlett to meet demands for its new chilled potato products. Supplying over 20 per cent of the UK’s fresh potatoes, including to major retailers, Albert Bartlett has invested in its Airdrie production site including tasking JDI to provide a new central temperature control system for the whole process factory including refrigeration plant room, storage facilities and packing areas. JDI’s solution features a Sabroe low temperature screw compressor at 1,000–3,600rpm, three Sabroe (extended maintenance hours) high temperature reciprocating compressors with a speed range of 500-1,500rpm, hybrid condenser, two spiral freezers to deliver mash potato in sealed trays, 16 glycol air coolers

and three end suction glycol pumps, each with a flow rate of 242m3/hr. Rejected heat from the drive systems in the refrigeration switch room needed to be managed, with another glycol air cooler sized at 20kW installed to ensure that a room temperature of 20–25ºC is maintained. Equipment capable of operating at very low temperatures was a key consideration of the brief as well as hygiene associated with food production. In collaboration with JD Cooling Group’s other business units, the automation system consisting of two network protocols: Ethernet and Profibus, was designed and installed by JDI Controls. As JDI standard, the electrical automation system has been designed with no single point of failure and has specific software that helps to optimise the running conditions of the complete system. ■

Brassica demonstration open day Following the success of the first open day last year, Hutchinsons’ Brassica Demonstration Site Day will be held at Bayholme Farm Old Leake, Boston, on 11th July in conjunction with the Allium & Brassica Centre, by kind permission of F Daubney & Sons. Visitors will have the opportunity to view how new near-market brassica-related herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are performing and compare them with current commercial practise, explains Hutchinsons vegetable technical support Peter Waldock. “For example, many of the new fungicides coming on the market are predominantly protectant rather than having a knock-down effect, so applications have to be better targeted to optimise efficacy,” he says. “There will also be plots looking at biostimulants, crop elicitors and foliar nutrition products,” he says. “Our trials explore maximising

efficacy in kale and Brussels sprouts, and the knowledge gained can then be related to all brassica crops,” he adds. In addition, work on better understanding of soil management will be highlighted, and the Healthy Soils team will be present to discuss how to get the most from soil. This will be accompanied by demonstrations of strip tilling and Omnia Precision Agronomy, providing an exciting insight into the ways farm yields can be improved through agronomy. Also on display at the Old Leake site will be Hutchinsons TerraMap, the first high definition soil scanning system in the UK (see p26 for more info). Visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss their needs with the Hutchinsons’ team and also the leading manufacturers involved in the vegetable sector, including Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Certis, Corteva, Adama, Belchim and FMC. ■

Hutchinsons will be hosting a brassica demonstration day in early July.

Hutchinsons’ Demonstration Site Day FACTS When: Where: Open: More info:

11 July 2019 Bayholme Farm, Old Leake, Boston 12.00–16.00 (catering will be provided) For more info/ reserve a place, email:

Transfer trailer added to product portfolio Vegetable handling equipment specialist Tong Engineering has been appointed UK distributor for the Hawe-Kuw 2000 root crop transfer trailer from German manufacturer Hawe Wester. The announcement comes as Tong continues to develop its range of handling equipment to offer the complete handling solution from post-harvest to pack. “Manufactured with up to a 30m3 holding capacity, the transfer trailer runs alongside the harvester, receiving crop directly from the harvester for cleaning and loading at the field side; keeping tractors and soil off the road, while reducing crop

mileage,” explains Tong Engineering sales manager, Richard Knighton. Featuring heavy-duty construction with a mounted steel hopper and integrated rolling floor, the Hawe-Kuw 2000 is suitable for use on multiple root crops including potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, parsnips and bulbs. At the outfeed, the transfer trailer is fitted with an adjustable coil cleaning unit for effective removal of soil from crop, feeding a 1,200mm wide folding elevator, which allows crop to be gently transferred to bulker lorries at the side of the field, at capacities up to 120t per hour. “With a transfer height of 4.1m, the

trailer ensures very gentle handling while a waste bunker to the underside of the cleaning unit ensures all soil and debris can be emptied back into the field,” commented Richard. “The trailer is the ideal option for growers who want to clean crop and bulk-load in the field,” he added. “While the coil cleaning unit within the transfer trailer is proven to be very effective, we are already working with Hawe Wester to offer growers the option of Tong’s Easy Clean separator as the specified cleaning unit, which will bring even greater flexibility and unrivalled cleaning results on all crops, in all conditions,” concluded Mr ■ Knighton.

The Hawe-Kuw 2000 field trailer is now available from Tong Engingeering.

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