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UK tour celebrates brand’s 60 years

It is 60 years since Massey Harris of Canada and Harry Ferguson Ltd got together to create Massey Ferguson and the Diamond anniversary has been celebrated with a brand tour around the UK at which customers and dealers can inspect the latest range of machines. David Williams reports. The 2018 Diamond Roadshow included eight locations from Somerset to Edinburgh during March and April and, along with special Diamond edition commemorative tractors, highlights included the new round baler range, plus mowers, rakes and tedders available for the current season. Farmers Guide attended one of the southern-most events at the South of England Showground near Ardingly, Sussex in mid-April. Machinery from across Massey Ferguson’s range was displayed, including combine harvesters, tractors and large square balers but attracting particular interest was the new grass harvest machinery line-up including mowers, rakes and tedders.

Round balers are new for this season as a result of Agco purchasing Lely’s forage division last year. Mac Simpson (pictured) moved from Lely and is now Massey Ferguson harvesting products area sales manager for the south. “We have seen a very positive

Exciting range offered

The latest addition to the Global Series tractor line-up was creating interest shortly after its launch at the Techagro show in the Czech Republic. The 100hp 5710 and 110hp 5711 4-cyl models are both now available with Dyna-4 16x16 semi-powershift transmission as an option over the standard 12x12 gearbox. Brake to neutral is included in the upgrade which disconnects drive when the brake pedal is pressed - ideal for loader work, and cab suspension improves the ride. Dyna-4 is expected to be popular with users for its greater flexibility and productivity benefits which have already proved themselves on the smaller 5700 3-cyl models, pictured.

Massey Ferguson national sales manager William Judge was delighted with the Diamond Roadshow’s success. “We hadn’t had a face-to-face customer event for several years and with our larger machinery portfolio there was plenty of new product to show,” he explained. “This sort of event gives us a much better indication of what is happening in the industry than a general show and current customers gave us good feedback regarding the market. If we had set ourselves targets for the number of people we needed to attend to make it a success then we would have exceeded it by at least 50 per cent. Dealers worked hard making sure new and existing customers knew

the Roadshow was in their areas and enjoyed great support. A lot of effort and time went into organising and running the events and the customer enthusiasm and number of enquiries made it very worthwhile.” Asked which products generated most interest William said the larger 8700-series tractors surprised many with their comfortable, well-equipped cabs and high specification. “When customers got in the cabs they were really impressed as historically we haven’t been known for higherhorsepower tractors,” he added. “Global Series tractors offer efficiency and productivity in a cost-effective package for a wide range of potential users and are enjoying strong

reaction from dealers and customers with many orders placed for this season,” he said. The RB round baler range includes fixed and variable models starting with the fixed RB1125F model which has a 2.0m pick-up,

makes 1.25m diameter bales and has no chopper or drop floor. The RB2125F is available with either a 2.0m or 2.25m pick-up, and 13 or 17 knives while a Pro version, the RB2125FPR, has 25 knives. Variable chamber models have four wide belts to minimise losses and provide positive rotation and models include the RB4160V which makes bales from 0.9–1.6m diameter and the RB4180V makes bales from 0.9–1.8m diameter. Three Xtracut chopper options include 13, 17 or 25 knives. Hydroflexcontrol 2-stage antiblocking includes a flexing floor to allow lumps to pass through as well as the ability to lower the floor and knife banks hydraulically from the cab. Belt balers have Isobus control and there are two screen options; E-link basic or E-link Pro. Both allow up to 20 field counts.

demand, and the latest 5711 Dyna-4 proved particularly attractive. Our team spent a lot of time answering questions about the new Ideal combine which wasn’t on show but generated interest in the more arable areas, and our established line-up was as popular as ever at all the events. Obviously round balers in Massey Ferguson colours and available through all our dealers were also greeted with great enthusiasm.”

Hammonds Farms, also trading as Horsley Haylage is based near Guildford and as well as farming it also offers a contracting service, mainly spraying and combine harvesting and makes and supplies horse hay and haylage. Grass is grown for hay and haylage and arable crops are grown on owned and contract-farmed land. Paul Simmonds is pictured with children Sophie and James and says the Massey Ferguson 7618VT operated by the farm is excellent and the CVT transmission makes tasks such as mowing and baling More over page... significantly easier.

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