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Less is more when the right drill is used Whether the objective is cutting establishment costs, reducing weed burden or improving soil condition, zero-till planting offers benefits, claims pioneer Weaving which celebrates 20 years supplying no-till drills this year. David Williams visited satisfied customers. Worcestershire-based Weaving Machinery manufactures a wide range of cultivators and drills, with options to suit most farm sizes and soil types. It also imports and distributes grassland machinery, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and hedge-cutters and sundry equipment including cement mixers and sweepers. The company was founded in 1983 by Edward Weaving and began importing the Americanmade Krause Drill in 1998. This uses vertical discs to create a slit direct into stubbles or grassland, into which the following disc coulters drop seed. Without ploughing or cultivation the root network from previous crops remains intact and worm populations thrive, increasing biological activity and improving soil structure and drainage. Weaving went on to develop its own BigDisc Drill with an enhanced double disc coulter design, and by 2015 the company had announced

its revolutionary GD Drill, developed in conjunction with Lincolnshire farmer Tony Gent. The patented GD angled coulter is designed for zero-tillage establishment but can also work within conventional cultivation regimes when required. Originally available only in a 6m version, demand was such that the

Weaving factory had to be rapidly extended to cope, and a waiting list remains despite the increased capacity. Cereals 2018 will see a larger 8m model added, responding to customer demand.

Bucks farm Buckinghamshire farmer Clive Pullin bought a Weaving Krause 4m drill 15 years ago and believes firmly in zero-tillage establishment to reduce costs. “Our soil quality is fairly poor and we are never going to achieve continued over...

Clive Pullin drilled Crusoe wheat at 185kg/ha to compensate for late drilling, then it was grazed by sheep to thin.

The Weaving Krause zero-till disc drill was bought in 2003 to reduce establishment costs and improve soil structure.

The Weaving Krause's vertical discs work well in the dry, but can hair-pin longer straw if it’s damp, creating a seal at the base of the slit, said Clive.

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Farmers Guide June 2018  

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