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Loads of features for professional users

Since Claas displayed its new Torion articulated loading shovels at Lamma in January the company has had a long list of potential customers keen to try them as soon as demonstration models arrive. David Williams took a test drive. Large model tested

The Torion 1812 has a maximum operating weight of 18,700kg and maximum turn, tip load is 11,100kg. With Agricultural kinematics linkage, maximum recommended bucket capacity is 3.3m3.

Farmers Guide was given an opportunity to try one of the two largest models, the Torion 1812 and the first of its type in the UK. Loader linkage options for the Torion 1812 and 1914 include ‘Agricultural kinematics’ or ‘Z-kinematics.’ Agricultural kinematics is ideal for multi-purpose use, offering high holding forces and self-levelling over the entire lift height range. Breakout forces are impressive. Z-kinematics offers higher breakout forces and faster dumping speed making it ideal for those mainly handling bulk materials.

correct quantities of ingredients are added to AD plants and diet mixers. ZF axles are on both big models and Dana Spicer are on mid, and Comer are used on smaller machines. All have self-locking differentials requiring no operator intervention. Articulated steering angle is 40 degrees and rear axle oscillation is up to 13 degrees on uneven ground. A range of tyre options is offered but standard are 750/65R26.5 Michelin Cerex Bib on large and midsize models down to the 1177, while smaller models (535 & 639) have a diamond tread pattern.

Operator friendly Service access is superb. Fold out steps make it safe and easy to carry out checks but avoid damage while working. When the engine cover is lifted an internal platform opens up, allowing the user to walk around both sides and the rear of the engine. Large models have sidewaysmounted cooling packs with radiators stacked for maximum efficiency. Hydraulic auto-reverse fans are standard and direction change can be pre-programmed from every five minutes to every two hours in five-minute increments. “Short chopped wholecrop rye is especially effective at blocking radiators and the ability to reverse the fan every five minutes will be welcomed by users in hot, dry conditions,” said Claas UK telehandler and loader specialist Alastair Bourne. Claas Dynamic cooling, borrowed from the brand’s combine harvesters, saves energy as the fans run only as fast as needed. Sensors for every fluid monitor temperature, calling on the cooling system as required. Hydraulic oil is changed every 6,000hrs with an oil analysis check at 3,000 and the transmission oil is changed at 1,000hrs then every 2,000. The engine service interval is 2,000hrs or every 2 years. “These loaders are designed to work at least

Torion specification Articulated loaders usually share a standard mounting system, simplifying attachment choice compared with different telescopic loader brands.

Maximum dump height at 45-degree bucket angle is 2,880mm or 3,520mm for the high lift version.

A high lift option increases reach to 4,640mm for large models, up from 4,075mm. Loader suspension is standard. From the factory an optional weigh load system is available which can provide job records of material handled and is also useful for ensuring

Viewed from the rear the Torion 1812 is impressive. The two rear corners are visible from the cab making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, although the optional Profi-Cam surround camera system also provides a permanent birdseye view.

30,000hrs without a major overhaul,” explained Alastair. “This means that for typical agricultural contractor use it should be possible to greatly extend the planned period between changes, reducing capital costs.” Both large models have a 280-litre diesel tank, mid-mounted so the centre of gravity isn’t affected by the fuel level. Adblue capacity is 67.5 litres. Tow hitches are standard on the two largest models with automatic locking an option.

Comfortable cab Electric seat adjustment and heating is standard and the steering column has 3-way adjustment. Control of the main functions is through a joystick on the right-hand armrest. Left and right armrests are both fully adjustable but an additional factoryfitted option is a left-hand joystick to operate the steering. A reversing camera is standard, providing a rear view through the touch-screen, and it adjusts automatically for extreme contrast such as reversing from a sunlit yard into a dark building. Standard lighting is halogen but continued over...



Max operating weight (kg)



Max turn/tip load (kg)



Engine Liebherr 4-cyl,



Max hp @ 1,800rpm



Max torque Nm @ 1,100rpm



Transmission C-Matic




40 degrees

40 degrees

Axle oscillation

13 degrees

13 degrees




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