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Balers & Bale Handling

Variable chamber round balers updated for 2018 Kuhn Farm Machinery has updated its range of VB variable chamber round balers, with new models now available in the UK. The new VB range consists of four main models: the VB 3160 and VB 3165 (1.20 x 0.80 x 1.60m bales), and the VB 3190 and VB 3195 (1.20 x 0.80 x 1.85m bales). All offer net or twine binding and are suitable for baling a range of wet and dry crops from hay and straw (5–20 per cent moisture), to haylage (18–35 per cent moisture) and silage (35–80 per cent moisture). All models are equipped with progressive density baling chambers which use two chamber rollers, a starter roller and five endless baling belts to produce evenly shaped bales. Belt pressure increases as the bale grows, and can be adjusted from the tractor cab to compensate for variations in crop type quality and to maintain a constant density as the bale is formed. The VB 3160 and VB 3190 are available with Kuhn’s Optiflow, Optifeed or Opticut 14 intake rotors. The VB 3165 and VB 3195 are available with Optifeed, Opticut 14

Kuhn’s VB 3160 variable chamber round baler.

or Opticut 23 intake rotors. Each variant within the new VB range is powered by a simple and sturdy drive system which uses just three main chains, each of which are designed to have a low maintenance requirement and can be fitted with automatic chain lubrication as an option. All VB variants can be supplied with, and controlled by, the company’s new Isobus terminals, the 5.4in (14.3cm) CCI 50 and the

12.1in (30.5cm) CCI 1200, both of which can be used to control any Isobus-ready machine. The CCI 50 is a touchscreen terminal but also has 12 back-lit function keys, an autobrightness sensor, and ports for video input, USB data transfer, GPS antenna input and biomass sensor input. The CCI 1200 features a large touchscreen display which can be used either horizontally or vertically and is easy to view in direct sunlight. The unit’s flexible layout

display can be configured to suit the individual operator’s preferences or machine’s requirements and features a split-screen function which enables the operator to view and control two machines in tandem. The option of displaying several mini-view windows also enables the operator to monitor multiple parameters at once. The basic price for the VB 3160 Optiflow is £31,866, rising to £47,343 for the VB 3195 Opticut 23. ■ 58200


at our plants located near Bungay, Thetford & Boston Contracts currently being drawn up for the 2018 Harvest for Rape & Wheat Straw – 150 to 1000 tonne contracts available Bale conditions:

Bale sizes required:

All straw to be under 15% moisture Hesstons (8’x4’x4’) throughout the bales and must have Quadrants (8’x4’x3’) been stored under cover Can take delivery of freshly baled rape straw off the field - IMMEDIATE PAYMENT



Experienced Hesston Baler Chaser & Teleporter Drivers We also consider...


(taking straw from behind the combine in exchange for chicken muck)


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Farmers Guide Magazine April 2018 Issue

Farmers Guide April 2018  

Farmers Guide Magazine April 2018 Issue