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Straw Incorporation

Straw incorporation made easy Incorporating straw is simple with the wide choice of disc harrows, tines and combination cultivators on offer from Cousins of Emneth. The company’s popular 3m Patriot can be used to incorporate straw and loosen in one pass. Its hydraulicallycontrolled disc sub-frame can be adjusted to the desired working depth on-the-move. Further flexibility is provided by a turnbuckle enabling the sub-frame’s pitch to be varied so the front gang can be set more or less aggressively than the rear according

to the soil conditions. The 500mm diameter disc blades are mounted on hubs with greasable taper roller bearings. The units are individually mounted on rubber suspension at 150mm centres. Trailed or folding Patriots are available up to 5.8m working width. Meanwhile Cousins’ Disc Packers are also available in linkage mounted and fully trailed formats. These machines are designed to perform speedy primary or secondary cultivations, with two rows of individually

mounted cutaway discs giving overall spacings of 125mm, followed by Razor Rings. Trailed models have 2 rows of individually mounted cutaway discs (510mm diameter) which can be hydraulically adjusted on-the -move. This depth control enables the machine to cope with varying soil conditions across the field. The double row of razor rings (650mm diameter) ensures intensive consolidation across

Cousins’ Disc Packer.

the full working width, with rings at an effective spacing of 100mm. For those seeking a more traditional heavy disc harrow, the K100X and K125 have 660mm disc blades. Meanwhile Cousins’ tined cultivators include the Springtine cultivator or Flexx tine cultivator in widths from 3-6m. ■

Manage surface trash efficiently British cultivation specialist Tillso has been working with vertical tillage discs over the past few years, looking at their advantages in managing crop residue, creating fine tilth and removing surface compaction. With the blackgrass burden in many areas and the move to direct drilling to improve soil fertility, there is a need to manage surface trash in a way which doesn’t create problems down

the line. Any soil inversion action to bury straw or other residue will mix weed seeds through the profile where they can germinate from depth in the growing crop, says Tillso. “Aggressive loosening actions can leave soil vulnerable to compacting when trafficked, and as well as potentially leading to water-logging if drainage is not introduced underneath.” As well as its Rake & Roll, which bashes and evenly distributes crop

residue, Tillso now offers a vertical tillage (non-inversion) option which will chop through trash and remove surface compaction in the top 30mm of soil, leaving it suitable for a no-till drill. Running vertical tillage discs in Tillso’s Advantage machine further adds to the ability to manage trash whilst removing deeper compaction, with minimum disturbance. The combination of these targeted actions to manage straw


Heliodor 9

and compaction enable growers to successfully move to no-till systems without the associated compaction, slug and straw concentration issues.

The Tillso Advantage.

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LEMKEN agricultural machinery is distinctive, not only because of its blue colour, but above all because of its quality, versatility and robust designs. More than 1,400 employees are continuously working towards developing solutions that optimally meet the specific needs of the UK market.

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