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The Alpego AS4


Folding Combination Drill – from 4 to 6m The patented transfer system can save your business up to 12% on seed This perfect combination of rear metered seed and front bulk seed storage helps to keep the tractor balanced “NoBlock” coulters can achieve 60kg/disc pressure For tractors up to 350/450hp* and has a 3 Year Drive Train Parts and Labour Warranty** as standard Transport width of only 2.5m

The Best Technology in the Field

1. Front hopper requires no services – 1400/1800L capacity 2. Small diameter “easy-fit” transfer pipe 3. Automatic vacuum seed transfer system 4. Rear hopper with 150L capacity for accurate seed flow 5. Volumetric stainless steel, radar controlled metering unit 6. Hydraulic fan and tramlining system 7. Short distance from metering unit to coulters via distribution head 8. “NoBlock” coulters with 44cm front/rear inter disc clearance 9. Parallelogram linkage to the packer roller * DK-350hp/DmaX-450hp ** Excludes PTO Shafts 07770 013229 57822

Kongskilde Solutions for Flexible, Mobile and Durable Transport of Your Harvest • Capacities from 7 tons/hour up to 90 tons/hour • Clean and gentle transport of your harvest • Electric- and tractor-powered models available

• Wide range of models with a large variety of accessories • Easy to use Further information:

Dealers in UK:

AM&LT PUGH Les Pugh: Mob: 07968170848

Plot Feeds Ltd Robin Mumby: Mob: 07710242015

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Farmers Guide April 2018  

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