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Straw Incorporation

Tined solution to straw incorporation

Cultivators for all soil types and conditions The Kockerling Vario.

German manufacturer Kockerling produces a wide range of cultivators to suit all different soil types and conditions. All machines are manufactured using hot drawn box sections as standard which accounts for the long life, low running cost, and versatility of Kockerling machines, says the company. It offers both trailed and mounted cultivators. The trailed cultivators range from 3.0-14.5m. The Allrounder is capable of a number of different tasks including seedbed preparation

after ploughing, opening soil for quicker drying, secondary stubble cultivations, and as a primary cultivator in lighter conditions. The Quadro and Vector can be used either for deeper working, or shallow working with the addition of wings. The Vector has full hydraulic depth control. Meanwhile the Vario/PT is a one-pass cultivator equipped with full hydraulic depth control and eight rows of tines. The Kockerling Rebell is a short disc harrow. It is available either mounted or trailed, with either Classic (510 disc) or Profiline (620 disc) versions. The Classic version is available from 3m mounted up to 12.5m trailed. All Kockerling cultivators come with the renowned original Soil to Soil (STS) roller and have generous under frame clearance for heavy trash conditions.

to allow plant residue through, The Kobalt tined cultivator from produces a level finish for the Bullock Tillage is a universal machine seedbed. for seedbed preparation and straw The strong frame construction incorporation. of the Kobalt and ease of pulling It can undertake several tasks results in a high output with low fuel from shallow cultivation for rapid consumption all helping to provide weed seed germination to deeper a profitable and cost-effective cultivation tasks to aerate the soil or cultivation system.   incorporate bio solids and cover crop The Kobalt is available in working residues.  widths of 3-6m for tractors from The three cultivation elements 80hp and upwards. Road lighting, are critical when producing an mechanical road safety latch and even seedbed says Bullock. Firstly, lock-out valves on the hydraulic there are four rows of 70x12mm cylinders all come as standard. Bellota tines with under frame Prices start at £7,200 plus clearance of 60cm. This allows high delivery. ■ levels of residue to pass through the cultivation zone without any blockages. Secondly, the packer then reconsolidates the moved soil and is easily adjustable for pressure by moving the locating pins. Thirdly, the following harrow, which is The Kobalt 400 tined cultivator. slightly curved

Hardox Ploughs

For when the going gets tough, the tough...

80 Years Production


...get Ovlac

• Large range of chisels from 2m up to 5.9m. Fully mounted heavy-duty stubble cultivator with leaf spring or hydraulic auto reset. Working depth from 5cm to 40cm • Versatill 2.4m up to 5.7m tines/disc/consolidation roller or Versadisc with front row chopping disc, two rows tines, levelling tines/consolidation roller. With choice of three security systems. Working depths from 5cm to 35cm. • Shallow chisel range 2.45m up to trailed 10m! Configurations of tines levelling tines and consolidation rollers working depths of 12-20cm. • Disc harrows with two ranges Maxdisc working widths 2.5m -9.1m. Choice of 20or24inch notched disc 6mm auto reset by rubber blocks. Eurodisc 2.5m 5.5m independent disc for perfect adaptation to soil profile. Auto reset protection by leaf spring high under frame clearance.8-15cm working depths. • Plough range – one of the most comprehensive ranges of ploughs available in Europe. Conventional – shallow – mounted reversible – semi mounted – innovative features such as self-aligning headstocks, 8mm case hardened mouldboards. • Extensive use of Hardox is used in the construction of all machines from Ovlac. Exceptional primary cultivation machinery that is built to perform and last.

Ovlac is Spain’s leading manufacturer of the highest quality ploughs and chisels. With the majority of the plough manufactured from tough Swedish HARDOX steel, an Ovlac plough is one of the strongest and most reliable models available on the market.


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