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New BFS foliar fertilisers... PolyNPlus The revolutionary foliar fertiliser range which dramatically increases the efficiency of nitrogen usage by plants and virtually eliminates nitrate losses. Optimise crop economic productivity AND take care of the environment by using PolyNPlus. “...this product ticks all the boxes on the environmental front” “...the yields and quality of the products we harvested were excellent” Contact BFS or your local distributor for more information: BFS Fertiliser Services Ltd T 01245 325849 E


Super-soluble potassium sulphate for foliar application

 £12/ha


today’S way to SPray K u BooStS yield and quality. More, larger tubers with

better skin finish through improved potassium (K) nutrition.

             

u eaSy to uSe. Free flowing powder which dissolves quickly and completely, even in cold water.

u Proven agronomic reSultS. High potential returns


 .01778 342642 e.@.

from a modest investment.

u Full technical and commercial SuPPort.

Provided by Solufeed and their appointed distributors.

u verSatile. Can also be used on pulses, cereals & sugar beet. For the full story and more, go to: Barnham, West Sussex PO22 0BT

Top quality speciality fertilizers

01243 554090

K-LEAF is a trademark of Tessenderlo Group. Solufeed and the wavy parallelogram device are trademarks of Solufeed Ltd.

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