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Spring Spraying

Spraying and establishment contracting business Matt Redman Agriculture is a contracting and farming business that operates across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties, specialising in crop protection and establishment – also undertaking cultivations, hedge cutting, combining and whole farm contracting. Spraying is carried out using a Bateman RB35 self-propelled and a John Deere 840i trailed sprayer with the ability to spray or apply liquid fertiliser at 24, 30, 32 or 36m. A purpose built mixer bowser can also be used to further increase efficiency where required. Three options are available for crop establishment, depending on conditions, crop type and general drilling requirements. A 6m John Deere 750a disc drill that is capable of drilling direct into stubble, standing cover crops or

cultivated ground with very low disturbance, an Amazone ADP-Super 3m power harrow combination drill with disc coulters and a 3m, 5-leg, low disturbance subsoiler fitted with a Stocks Seeder unit for OSR establishment. A full range of cultivation services are offered from ploughing or noninversion tillage, using a Gregoire Besson Discordon, to low disturbance subsoiling or shallow discing. Hedge cutting is undertaken with two McConnel variable forward reach hedgecutters with 7.2 and 8m reach and a choice of flail head sizes or sawblade. Flail mowing is carried out using a heavy-duty front/rear flail or a heavy duty offset, front mounted machine. Whole farm contracting services can be tailored to requirements to reflect individual farm and businesses needs. ■

The John Deere 750a disc drill provides an excellent low disturbance drilling option in direct or cultivated situations, ideal for helping to reduce black-grass emergence in crop and limiting moisture loss from the seedbed.

Sprayer range updates and additions

New features and the latest technology have been promised by FarmGEM in its updated and extended range of sprayers. The company has refreshed its offering of machines which now includes amenity, orchard and vineyard, mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers. New additions include the FMH amenity, FGA and MVF mounted vertical fold FarmGEM’s new Pioneer sprayer. boom and some trailed the proven Self-Trak drawbar, has models. axle suspension, joystick control and Managing director Terry Fixter a rate control terminal with an 8.4in said: “We have designed new models colour screen. incorporating new features and the The feature packed Atlas tops very latest technology. We have also the new range. It comes with auto updated our logo and colour scheme axle steering, air suspension, boom to mark this new generation of widths to 28 or 36m with the Tri Fold machines.” boom. The new models in the trailed All models have either 3300 or range are the Innovator, Pioneer and 4,400l tanks, and the new 2-stage Atlas. The Innovator trailed sprayer folding heavy duty Series 3 boom offers customers a budget machine with 3D active boom suspension. with a 24m boom. It retains a high The 3 Series boom is available quality finish and robust build with 18, 20, 21 and 24m boom strength and features such as rate widths as the design allows widths to control terminal with a 5.7in colour screen, seven spray sections and fluid be changed by adding wider bolt-in sections of boom. A 28m version of re-circulation. the 3 Series is also available for the The Pioneer model replaces the Innovator and Atlas models. ■ popular Diamond model and retains

Sprayer packed with advanced level of technology Vicon’s iXdrive self-propelled sprayer is packed with an advanced level of technology, says the company. Its forward control, highcomfort Vista cab and a spray pack combine to offer tank sizes of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 litres, and boom sizes from 24–30m (aluminium) and 24–40m (steel). All boom options are variable geometry, allowing left- and righthand sides to be raised and lowered independently, with contour following managed by Boom Guide Active Roll. Whether full or empty, the iXdrive will be hard to beat for weight distribution – fully loaded, its weight distribution is 50:50, changing to 51:49 when empty. This translates into a very smooth ride and provides a more stable platform on which its booms are mounted. And this rewards the operator

iXdrive sits at the top of the Vicon sprayer range.

with better boom stability and complements the sprayer’s active suspension. Spray technology also includes auto boom height control, GPS auto switching for up to 15 boom sections, and nozzle switching with pneumatic valves. Spray lines are supplied from both ends, to maintain constant pressure across the boom width, creating a true prime and purge system. Power comes from a 240hp Perkins engine that meets the latest EU Stage IV emissions regulations. It drives the wheels through a twin-range Sauer hydrostatic transmission that generates positive traction control from using two pumps that supply the wheel motors in sequence.

This has the effect of driving the axles individually, and means one wheel on each axle will always be powered. Internal cleaning is managed by the iXclean Pro system – a onebutton, fully automatic, high-speed,

high efficiency washing programme that leaves the inside of the sprayer so clean that residual concentration levels are less than 1 per cent. It also uses the minimum amount of clean water too, reducing its impact on the environment.

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