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Pea and Bean 2018 Recommended Lists launched The PGRO’s 2018 Recommended Lists for combining peas and winter and spring beans were announced at the CropTec event in late November.

combination of short straw and early maturity, means it finds favour in later maturing areas. With the removal of Arthur from the outclassed category, all winter beans are now pale hilum types.

Spring beans New to the RL with a P1 recommendation is Mallory from LS Plant Breeding. Yields are 2 per cent below the best and it has a good rating (7) for downy mildew

resistance. LG Cartouche progresses from P1 to P2 recommendation and ups its downy mildew rating from 4 to 5. Lynx gains a full recommendation for 2017 and tops the yield rankings at 104 per cent of controls, while maintaining a good (7) rating for downy mildew resistance. Fanfare, Vertigo, Fuego and Tic bean Maris Bead all remain with a full recommendation. Boxer and Fury were moved to the becoming outclassed category. ■

Agronomy app tool launched by PGRO

Limagrain UK’s large blue pea LG Stallion progresses from P1 to P2.

Combining peas Manager, a new white-seeded pea from KWS, joins the RL with a P1 recommendation as the top yielding variety with a yield of 108 per cent of controls, reports the PGRO. Karpate, top yielder in 2016, moves to 2nd year of provisional recommendation. Kareni gains a full recommendation with a yield of 101 per cent. Mascara remains with a full recommendation, while Salamanca and Gregor move to the outclassed category. Three new large blues join the RL with a P1 recommendation; Kairoka (Senova), Bluetime (LSPB) and Blueman (LSPB) with yields of 107, 106 and 102 per cent respectively. Blueman has an excellent rating for downy mildew resistance, with a top rating of 9. Vertix and LG Stallion both progress to P2 recommendation. Kingfisher gains a full recommendation for 2017. Prophet, which shows consistent performance, Bluetooth and Daytona remain as fully recommended varieties. Crackerjack,

.on the list since 2008 and Campus are moved to the becoming outclassed category. Small blue Greenwood progresses to P2 recommendation. Maple pea varieties Mantara and Rose remain fully recommended. Marrowfat Aikido gains a full recommendation for 2017 as the top yielding variety in the category. Sakura, just behind on yield remains fully recommended, while Genki is moved to the ‘becoming outclassed’ category.

Winter beans New variety Vespa (pale hilum) from Senova joins the RL with a P1 recommendation. Yields at 102 per cent are only 3 per cent lower than the best. Bumble gains a full recommendation for 2017, with yields just 2 per cent below the best. Top yielding varieties Tundra, Wizard and Honey remain with full recommendations. Yields from Honey are now below the best, but a

The PGRO Pea & Bean app is the worthy successor to the Pulse Agronomy Guide, commented PGRO chief executive, Roger Vickers (right) at the organisation’s launch of the new Pea and Bean Recommended Lists. The new app will provide up to date technical backup, as well as the RL variety guides, and a new interactive pest and disease reporting tool via smartphone or tablet, he outlined. • By using the app users will be able to access Recommended List variety information for combining peas and field beans and the Descriptive List data for vining peas – all adapted for viewing on a small screen • A Pests, Diseases and Deficiencies section shows images of common issues arising in the field together with a written description to aid identification, notes on potential impact, and control strategies • A useful growth stage guide is included together with commonly requested tools for seed rates and weight loss in drying calculations • Brief notes and guidance to sources of information for other pulses and legumes are also provided – and will be expanded in the future • The most innovative feature is the ability to generate your own crop reports. Accessed via the Pests, Diseases and Deficiencies section, the user can take images and write a short report, sending them from the app by email to others. The report will automatically be sent to the PGRO Plant Clinic where a request for advice can be lodged. Anonymised, the incidence/report will appear marked on a map of the UK on the PGRO website enabling others to be aware of crop developments around the country • Another significant advantage is that the app can be updated at any time enabling real-time notifications of updates and changes. This is particularly valuable for services such as the Pea Moth Alert. • All of the content will also be available on the PGRO web site www.pgro. org in the form of technical updates and other publications – including downloadable print-ready Recommended Lists of varieties if required, suggested the PGRO.



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