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Combine and baler updates for 2018 t New Holland has announced major updates to its mid-rage CX combine harvesters, including a brand new cab. u The cab rear window opens allowing it to be cleaned for a clear view to the grain tank.

Updates to New Holland’s combine and large baler ranges have been announced, including new cabs for the popular CX mid-range harvesters and even more power for the flagship CR10-90 as well as improvements for the BigBalers. David Williams was there. CR rotary upgrades The CR range continues to claim the world’s most powerful combine with the latest Revelation models including increased output for the CR10-90, now with up to 700hp. Improved crop flow control and new Twin Pitch Plus rotors help increase output up to 10 per cent and improved residue management means users can spread chaff evenly up to 45ft, matching the width of the widest headers. Crop feed is improved with equal-spaced elevator slats and New Holland’s Dynamic Feed

The biggest upgrade for operators is the cab. Almost identical to the Harvest Suite operator station of the flagship CR range, it offers almost 8in extra width and an improved table view with exceptional comfort.

Roll standard on all models, for an even flow to the threshing system, maintaining constant power demand. “Peaks and troughs in crop flow increase the likelihood of a blockage,” explained New Holland harvester product specialist Nigel Honeyman. “Anything we can do to improve the flow and reduce blocking risk allows operators to run machines continuously at closer to their maximum capacity. In addition the Dynamic Feed Roll provides improved stone protection with its simple mechanical reset. Twin Pitch rotors, with close spaced blocks at the start of the spiral and wider spacing further up, are standard on narrow frame models and Twin Pitch Plus is new on the three top CR models, including 3in rasp bars on the 22in rotors; a smaller diameter central tube providing extra space for crop flow between the rotor flights. This is claimed to improve power efficiency saving up to 28kW on the largest machine. Smaller models retain their 17in rotors but higher rotor covers provide 10mm extra space for crop flow, compared to previous models, also improving power efficiency. Dynamic Flow Control remote adjustment of rotor vanes is an option on all wide CR models, including eight adjustable vanes operated by two electric motors. The rotor vanes have infinitely variable position control between slow and fast for optimum productivity and capacity in variable conditions allowing optimal threshing capacity to be set for the crop type and condition.

A new feature, which will encourage operators to push the combines harder and potentially reduce downtime, is in-cab reset of the concave release. Previous shearbolt protection required the grain tank to be emptied before a panel could be removed to gain access to the drive, but the new system simply requires the driver to stop harvesting, allow the rotors to empty, re-arm the concave then resume harvesting. This takes under a minute rather than the typical 20–30min needed previously. Nigel said the company is frequently asked why the concave can’t be spring-mounted allowing it to ‘give’ during work for variations in crop flow but explained that for the performance needed, it must be fixed with positive overload protection.” Engine updates to meet Tier 4 final emissions regulations mean the CR10-90 gains 50hp over the previous version and the CR8-80 gains 20hp, taking it to 517hp (max).

Residue management Optimising residue management is a key customer request according to Nigel, to optimise establishment conditions for following crops. A fine chop is needed to ensure fast break-down and the spread must be even across the width. In 2015 the company introduced its impact spreader through which chaff was thrown from flat paddles, but the latest version moves to air flow-propelled distribution. Latest updates include a reinforced rotor, 50mm longer counter knives

and increased chopper speed to 4,000rpm, producing a 50 per cent reduction in long straw. The OptiSpread straw management system, standard on the widest CR9-90 and CR10-90 models, is fully adjustable from the cab and includes 25 per cent more powerful hydromotors, V-shaped paddles and cleaning scrapers. The design relies on heavier chopped straw merging with chaff in the air flow, helping carry the less dense material further. From a distance, the 2018 models look little different to those replaced but a new colour scheme includes the main frame, grain pan and beater grate in yellow replacing black, making it easier to check inside the cleaning shoe. The grain tank has also changed from black to yellow making it easier to check grain quality. Prices published in September for next year’s production which starts in February 2018 include the flagship CR10-90 at £490,920 Nigel stated that rotaries are accounting for a progressively larger share of the combine market, including approximately 60 per cent of New Holland’s sales. Tracks, he said, are almost considered standard equipment on larger models and he said the company’s Intellicruise speed control system is also in demand, reducing operator workload. It includes two modes; continued over...

CR rotaries are also upgraded including more power from the Tier 4 final engines.

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