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p A removable knife drawer is a new option on Quadrant 4200 models. t Quadrant baler updates include availability of a new LED lighting package and integrated bale weighing.

Claas baler updates

automatically wrapped in up to eight layers. Because the film overlaps and protects the bale edges, it isn’t necessary to wrap six layers on the wrapping table which saves the amount of film needed. Using only one material type also makes it easier to remove from the bale and tidier to handle. The number of layers can be set between 1.2–8.0, and is easily adjusted in the cab. Better bale sealing prevents oxygen entering, preserving Sensors weigh the bales as they pass over the bale quality for longer. discharge chute providing accuracy within 5kg. The operator selects the amount of stretch required on the Uniwrap baler wrappers. in-cab terminal. Able to handle net or film wrap Because film rolls are heavier the operator can change from one than net Claas has developed a to the other in just a few minutes. All new loading system and holder. that is needed is to select film or net The mounting slide pivots out from on the in-cab terminal and then load under the service hood and allows the required wrapping material on the bale to be lifted easily for loading the baler. Film feed and start of the on to the feed roller. wrapping process is fully automatic. Claas recommends its Coatex film Film is wrapped in the same which comes in 2,000x1.4m rolls and way as net and once the bale is 17cm thick. ■has reached the set size then it is

Extra features for Claas round and square balers were announced at an exclusive press event in Germany. David Williams reports. Quadrants gain features For Claas Quadrant square balers an integrated weighing system has been added to the list of options. It is available for 2018 Quadrant 4200, 5200 and 5300 models and uses weigh cells below the rear bale ramp. Weighing is within +/- 5kg for each bale at speeds up to 20kph. Bale weight is displayed on the Isobus terminal in the cab and all weights are saved by job or area offering convenient record keeping for billing which is likely to appeal to contractors. Using Claas telematics it is possible to use bale weight data to generate total area yield and yield distribution by field with individual bale locations marked along with bale moisture content. New LED lighting packages are

also on the options list including seven lights on key working areas, including under the service hoods for ease of working after daylight hours. Another new feature which will be welcomed by those working long hours is a pull-out knife drawer. A new option on the Quadrant 4200, this feature is borrowed from 5200 and 5300 models on which it is standard. The knife drawer makes knife inspection and changing easier, with up to 70 per cent of the knife holder accessible from either side. Time needed to change a full knife set is reduced from an hour to approximately 15 minutes.

Wrap options increased A new combined net and film wrap system is an option for Rollant 455

pu The Rollant 455 Uniwrap offers wrapping with film or net. Wrap is easily loaded on to a pivoting roll ramp for transfer to the wrap holder and then an automatic feeding system provides quick swapping between net and wrap.

Claas product specialist for foragers, balers and green harvest machinery Dean Cottey believes updates to the baler range will prove popular with professional users.

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