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Multi-tasking ploughs With ever increasing time and cost pressures Lemken believes that a furrow press permanently attached to the plough can offer a practical, timesaving option. Its integrated FlexPack furrow press can be further adapted to variable working widths on the Juwel 7 and 8 mounted ploughs. The furrow press frame runs parallel to the plough frame which ensures that there is no risk of field sections being pressed twice. Staggered pairs of 600mm furrow press rings with a V-profile prevent blockage during cultivation. Lemken’s VarioPack offers a solution for good reconsolidation in any conditions of operation as a flexible or front-mounted single or double-row furrow press, with 700 or 900mm ring diameter, and with a 30 or 45 degree ring profile. Thanks to the ring design without individual hubs, the working width of this furrow press can be easily adjusted by bolting on or removing rings. The ring shape, profile and special attachment enable maximum stability

and breaking strength with minimum wear. The hook linkage, which is made from surface-hardened steel, can be adjusted in two dimensions. The use of a trailed implement ensures that coarse clumps of soil are broken up further and that the soil is levelled accurately. In light to medium soils, a single pass is enough to prepare a field that is ready for sowing. A push linkage allows trailed furrow presses to be used with front hydraulics, with a simple steering device enabling precise alignment and turning of corners. Both side sections of folding front furrow presses adapt independently to surface contours to ensure consistently high quality of work. The entire Lemken plough range is available in 2–12f and working widths of up to 6.6m. The mounted reversible Juwel M and MV include the innovative DuraMaxx plough bodies, which are available as full or slatted bodies in steel, plastic or hybrid versions. The slats and mouldboards are made of special wear-resistant tool steel without drill or punch holes, setting

Lemken’s Diamant 11 with press.

a new benchmark with a 150 per cent longer service life compared to conventional plough bodies. As DuraMaxx bodies are clipped to the base body, they are quick and easy to replace and can be fully utilised as wearing material. The Isobus TurnControlPro in the Juwel 8 controls plough rotation and the settings for front furrow, working angle, working width and working depth via the hydraulic support wheel as standard. These functions are controlled via the CCI-200 terminal or the Isobus system on the tractor. Additional functions such as furrow press operation or settings for the Hydromatic overload protection are available as options. Lemken developed the semimounted Diamant 11/11V to meet the

demands of high output ploughing. These ploughs are exceptionally manoeuvrable for rapid turning on narrow headlands and maximum acreage performance. The V models offer an easy-to-operate hydraulic ploughing width adjustment. For users wanting to ensure maximum traction with a semi mounted plough an additional hydraulic cylinder transfer’s weight to the tractor’s rear axle to boost its traction. This ‘smart ballasting’ system reduces slip. As soon as the hydraulic system raises the plough frame, the pressure in the traction enhancer is automatically reduced to ensure that full tractor stability is maintained at all times. As soon as the transport wheel is lowered, pressure is automatically increased again. ■

New kit for Coleg Sir Gâr South Wales college Coleg Sir Gâr (Gelli Aur) has added two machines to its fleet with the purchase of a reversible plough and seed drill combination. The Servo 25 Nova 4f reversible plough and Lion 303 Classic 3m power harrow and Vitasem 302A seed drill combination were supplied by Pottinger UK via two local dealers. The machines will be used as part of the college’s landbased teaching programme and on the college’s own farm for demonstrations to students. At a recent handover day

Pottinger UK staff Clive Richards and Barry Humphreys installed the machines and instructed a group of enthusiastic students on how to correctly set up and operate the new kit.

p Pottinger staff demonstrate the new machines at Coleg Sir Gâr. t Pottinger UK’s Barry Humphreys explains the features of the new Pottinger tillage equipment to the students of Coleg Sir Gâr.

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