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Multiple orders for muck spreaders

tp Vredo VT4556 Tebbe muck spreaders lined up ready for delivery to the UK. u The Vredo VT4556 Tebbe muck spreader performed very well in Anglian Water trials.

Dutch machinery manufacturer Vredo is about to deliver a large number of its Vredo VT4556 Tebbe muck spreaders to the UK; seven to Anglian Water, six to OJ Neil Contracting Ltd (working for Thames Water), and one to Farming General Services Ltd (also on a Thames Water contract). Together, with the delivery of the machines, an intensive training programme has begun for all operators to maximise the performance and efficiency of the machines, says the company. The new models are equipped with the latest technology for spreading and GPS-auto steer systems. The option for variable rate control, part of the new spreader control design, is now fully integrated in the Vredo Trac Control (VTC). Wide floatation tyres with improved flexibility, guarantees low ground pressure and minimal soil compaction, adds the firm. According to the manufacturer, research by Anglian Water demonstrated that Vredo machines proved to be the best in terms of

manoeuvrability, spread pattern and operator comfort compared with other machines tested. In addition, as the machine with the lowest weight, in combination with crab steer, it resulted in the lowest ground compaction in the trial. Part of Anglian Water, Nutri-Bio’s sales manager, George Stanley, said: “With the new spreaders we are able to sell more sewage cake to farmers as it is easier to convince them about the low ground compaction benefits.”

Spreading contract OJ Neil Contracting Ltd has recently been awarded the Thames Water spreading contract for all areas north of the River Thames which will see the company spread 355,000t of biosolids annually. “It is always a challenge to find the balance between best output and best price,” says managing director Oliver Neil. “With the performance of the two Vredo VT4546 Tebbe machines we initially bought, we were very happy. Vredo proved to be more a partner than

a supplier, and we got excellent support and service from the factory and dealer. The machine performance is one important thing, but good support is crucial in ag business with its short seasons and high work-load.” FGS Agri Ltd, the first UK company to invest in the Vredo self-propelled spreader in 2012, decided to go for the latest high capacity machine with 687hp and CVT transmission. With the

larger fields and steeper farmland terrain around Andover, the higher horsepower and larger Tebbe box suit the operation in terms of capacity and fuel consumption. ■ 08R04B

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