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Drill range impresses with its flexibility

A series of working demonstrations organised by Claas Eastern dealers gave current and potential customers an opportunity to see a wide selection of drills at work. David Williams attended a mid-July event near Beverley in east Yorkshire arranged by the Catfoss depot. “In an ideal year with ideal drilling conditions it is easy to see the benefit of a large air drill,” explained Lemken franchise manager Richard Sharman. “But few years are like that. Weather windows offering perfect conditions are scarce and what suits one area of the farm might not be ideal elsewhere if soil types vary. Our Lemken range includes large-scale drills, but we also have multiple establishment options centred around one drill unit, offering a cost-effective solution whatever the weather and soil types for farms of all sizes. Claas Eastern, has seven branches looking after Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and took on the Lemken range two and a half years ago which Richard said has proved a great success. “It complements our Claas range with machines to suit the largest farms and contractors as well as traditional family and mixed farms,” he said. “Everything has proved popular from the superb ploughs to cultivators and drills and sprayer sales are increasing too with many enquiries through recommendation by current users.” The series of five demonstration days started at Barnsley, South Yorkshire, followed by Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire then Brandsburton and West Ashby in the Lincolnshire Wolds, finishing near Sleaford, Lincs. “This sort of local event has proved popular with farmers wherever we have arranged them,” said Lemken UK general manager Paul Creasy. “A convenient location means that even if the farm is busy with its own activities it’s possible to take time out to visit the demonstration and find out about the latest products. These Claas

Eastern demonstration days have been well attended and feedback regarding the opportunity to view the products working is positive.” Farmers Guide attended an event at Brandesburton, near Beverley. Medium, well-drained soils meant persistent drizzle throughout the day failed to stop the cultivations although the surface became slippery.

Tractors & implements On display was a Vega 12, 5,000-litre, 24m trailed sprayer, and Diamant semi-mounted 8f and Juwel 7 fully mounted 4f ploughs. Drills included a Compact Solitair 9, two Solitair 9s; one on a Zirkon power harrow and and one on a Heliodor 9 disc harrow. Tractors available to test-drive included Arion 600- and Axion 800-series models and product specialists from Claas and Lemken were on-hand explaining features and benefits.

Versatile drills Solitair 9 pneumatic drills are available in rigid and folding mounted, and folding semi-mounted versions in 3–6m working widths.

Despite persistent drizzle throughout the day which made conditions greasy, the Compact Solitair continued working without any problems.

A big advantage of their design promoted by Claas Eastern representatives is the ability to easily and quickly swap the drill unit onto different types of cultivator, or even use it on its own where cultivation at the time of drilling isn’t required. This means significant time and fuel savings are possible when conditions allow and it also allows reduced soil movement to minimise black-grass establishment. It also means that rather than being forced to invest in two or more drills to suit variable weather and conditions only one drill is needed, with interchangeable cultivation elements. Another advantage is that with the drill removed, the power harrow and discs can be used independently reducing cultivation machinery required. Semi-mounted, the Solitair 9 can be used with the Zirkon power harrow, Kristall compact cultivator and Heliodor and Rubin compact disc harrows as well as with the System-Kompaktor seedbed combination. Semi-mounting reduces rear axle load compared to mounted combinations allowing reduced tyre pressures and use on

smaller tractors. Mounted, the Solitair 9 can be combined with the Zirkon power harrow and Heliodor compact disc harrows.

Solo drill operation For solo work, the drill is mounted on a wheel carriage and then direct mounted to the tractor’s 3-point linkage or it can be trailed with an optional wheel kit fitted. Seeds are placed through doubledisc coulters; capable of planting into mulch or prepared seedbeds and depth control wheels on each coulter ensure seed depth is constant for continued over...

The Solitair 9 drill can be used fully mounted solo, when conditions allow.

The Solitair 9’s flexibility proved attractive to visitors. It is pictured semi-mounted behind Heliodor disc harrows; just one of the many working options.

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