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Grassland & Muck

Latest green harvest and muck machinery at work

The two-day Grassland & Muck event provides an ideal opportunity for farmers and contractors to find out about the latest machinery developments, with much of the equipment working. David Williams was there. The demonstration is held every three years at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire and incorporates separate display and working areas for mowers and green harvest machinery, and slurry and muck application equipment. After weeks of very dry weather which affected grass growth across the UK, rain arrived the week prior the event to the extent that at times it was doubtful whether it would go ahead. However, conditions during the two days were near perfect allowing all equipment types to work. The Farmers Guide stand proved popular with visitors, many complimenting the variety of

coverage in the magazine’s pages and other visitors keen to sign up to receive it, following recommendation by friends and neighbouring farms. Feedback from exhibitors generally was very positive; most reporting considerable interest from potential customers who had come especially to view selected products. The large site made it difficult to gauge attendance but an opportunity to harvest silage and hay on farms across the country following a few months of unfavourable weather prevented many potential visitors leaving their own operations.

Kubota displayed models from its growing tractor range working with its extensive line-up of grass harvest equipment. Mowers currently available in orange, previously only in Kverneland and Vicon ranges, include front and rear offset but no wider butterfly mowers although availability is expected later. Rakes and wrappers attracted considerable interest on the stand according to agricultural product manager Robert Fox. “Kubota implements have been greeted with great enthusiasm by dealers and customers,” he said. “We are especially pleased that most sales have been to previous users of other brands. Kverneland and Vicon equipment is known for its quality and Kubota’s investment in the business has been viewed positively.” Pictured with some of the Kubota products displayed are (l-r) demonstrator Nigel Darlington, Robert Fox, southern area demonstrator John Weston, service support engineer George Nowell and demonstrator Steve Gooch.

Agricision displayed its onTrak GPS guidance solution. onTrak is ideal for those wanting to boost accuracy of applications and maximise work rates without needing all the bells and whistles that tend to accompany premium brands. A GPS receiver box, incorporating guidance lights, is mounted on the tractor bonnet and links to an iPhone or iPad in the cab. An A-B line is set as with any other system, then visual information provided by the device allows accurate steering, maintaining the required path. Control through the iPad requires the free App and after it is downloaded, no phone signal or data service is needed. This makes OnTrak ideal for use in areas of poor mobile phone reception, only requiring access to a satellite signal. The device incorporates a gyroscope, which works with the GPS signal to maintain accuracy for work at lower speeds. Director Adam Keene explained that onTrak, launched earlier this year, has proved extremely popular with grassland and arable farmers, partly due to its ease of installation and simplicity allowing its use on vehicles from ATVs to classic tractors as well as the latest machinery. The cost is just £675 and the range is expected to grow as complementary products are added. Pictured on the stand are sales person Frannie Liddle, Adam Keene, event coordinator Tim Rudd and technical director Alan Keene.

More over page... A new silage compactor was displayed by Fliegl. The German manufacturer has produced a range of sizes for approximately three years but Grassland was the first time they have been shown in the UK. Pictured is the 3m model, which weighs 1,750kg empty but up to a tonne of water ballast can be added. It is priced at £5,800. Pictured with the new compactor are Fliegl sales manager Sebastian Smija and Fliegl Agro-Center representative Nicole Fienhold.

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