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Dealer and brands attract interest at demo day Cultivations demonstration events by main New Holland and Lemken dealer Ernest Doe were well attended by customers keen to see the latest products in action. David Williams was there. The first two-day demonstration was in Suffolk; followed a week later by a similar event in Cambridgeshire providing plenty of opportunity for those keen to attend to find time away from their spring cultivations and spraying activities. The dealer events tied in with New Holland’s Winning Team tour, including 10 working demonstrations at 9 locations, starting at Marlesford, Suffolk and finishing at Aberdeen in late April. Star of the show was the latest T7 range including the long wheelbase and heavy-duty versions. Also at the Ernest Doe event were smaller and larger models, from the T6-175 with a Shelbourne Reynolds hedgecutter to the T8-SmartTrax with its rear rubber tracks. A static demonstration which explained part of the T7 HD model’s design concept involved a portable dynamometer powered by a T7315HD. “The T7 HD uses a variable geometry turbocharger which contributes to a constant torque figure between 1,400–1,900rpm, and means a greater part of the rev range is usable power,” explained New Holland marketing manager Mark Crosby. “The graph produced by the dynamometer clearly shows it is less of a torque peak and more of a plateau.” Two tractors marked up with decals explained features and benefits of the design. “These were intended to increase awareness of standard and optional features available on the New Holland range,” said Mark. “We have many userfriendly innovations such as Terralock which we tend to take for granted, but for those less familiar with New Holland they are quite revolutionary. Terralock is available on models from the T5 ElectroCommand upward and it provides traction management including automatic diff lock and 4wd switching, with activation based on steering angle and travel speed. It’s been around a long time, but

makes a real difference to efficiency.” Lemken products included a 5f plough behind a New Holland T6 tractor and a larger 7f reversible suitable for in-furrow or on-land operation. Behind the T8 SmartTrax was a Gigant 10 system carrier with dual mounted 5m seedbed cultivators providing an overall 10m working width. Ernest Doe Marlesford branch manager Tim Sheppard rated the day a big success. “Conditions for operations on farms in the area were near perfect,” he explained, “so we were a little concerned that the priority might be making the most of opportunities for drilling and fertiliser applications. However, the response from farmers and contractors locally was extremely enthusiastic and the number attending was far higher than expected. We took orders on the day and during the following week, which so far have totalled a New Holland tractor, Lemken cultivators, ploughs and drills and a Shelbourne Reynolds hedgecutter. We even sold a New Holland TM telehandler after someone tried it at the event. The tractor customer hadn’t been planning to update his previous tractor just yet, but having test-driven a new T6 during the demonstration day, he was so impressed that he confirmed an order before the end of the week. It wasn’t just our branch which gained sales; a customer of our Colchester depot ordered a Lemken plough having had the opportunity to see one in action. “The location was excellent and its ease of access from across the region contributed to our success. We have great brands to offer, a superb range of machinery to suit the needs of all farms in our area and we were delighted that the day was considered so useful by visitors and is generating so much extra business for us,” he added. ■

Pictured with one of the T7 tractors marked up with graphics detailing product features and benefits are (l-r) Ernest Doe show and demonstration manager Karl Last; New Holland PLM marketing intern Sion Whittingham, New Holland product marketing demonstrator Jonathan Spence; New Holland marketing analyst Alison Shirley; New Holland demonstration team member Ed Bowerman; New Holland area sales manager Tim Lowden; New Holland brand communications Sara Sebastianelli; Ernest Doe Marlesford branch manager Tim Sheppard and New Holland marketing manager Mark Crosby.

The demonstration included Lemken ploughs, cultivators and drills and was intended to raise awareness of the range of products offered by the dealer.

Pictured with a T6-180 equipped with a Lemken 5f reversible plough are (l-r) Chris Hazelwood, Bryan Collett, Nicholas Witting, Tim Sheppard and Graham Steele.

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