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Recent material developments A family-owned business based in the heart of the industrial West Midlands, Griff Chains specialises in the production of agricultural web conveyors for a diverse range of applications including destoning, harvesting and packhouse machinery and equipment. It also supplies associated products such as drive-assembly components, support rollers and soil-engaging parts for various machines, applications and operating conditions. Griff has made several recent developments in material across its product range, such as the support rollers used on its destoning and harvesting equipment. The focus has always been on moving towards lightweight alternatives while keeping the durability of the existing rollers. Now Griff has been developing its selection of plastic and polyurethane support rollers for use in a diverse range of conditions. For example, it produced a specialist type of bearing for use under water. Collaborating with plastic and composite materials experts, Griff is developing materials that have excellent wear resistance, use anti-

static to reduce soil abrasion and have low coefficients of friction, for example, in order to improve the lifespan of its webs. Griff is also making strides to improve and extend its range of metal soil-engaging products such as its web-joining mechanisms and shares. Recent developments include improving the design of its Enduroloc joining mechanism and the materials it uses. The company is also working with local university research professors and associates to improve material processing efficiency and increase the life of soil-engaging parts. Griff says that its ultimate goal is to pass on the benefits of its constant development to its customers.

Griff has developed new materials for its support rollers.

New grading line increases throughput for Cornwall grower UK vegetable handling equipment manufacturer Tong Engineering has just completed the installation of a high throughput potato grading line for Cornwall potato grower, AR & SA White. As a family farming business based in Bodmin, Cornwall, AR & SA White produces quality potatoes and cereals for the UK market, alongside a specialist contracting business and sustainable farming with renewable energy. When the company needed to increase the capacity of its potato handling facilities, it chose Tong to design a complete potato grading line that utilised space in its potato grading shed in the most efficient way. The new line, which is now in action at AR & SA White, is capable of processing up to 30t of crop per hour. Featuring two 150 degree control flow box tippers feeding forward conveyors, the grading line incorporates super extended specification EasyGrade screen modules for accurate grading of up

to four grades from the company’s potato crop. Graded potatoes are then gently filled into boxes with a series of Tong’s EasyFill box fillers with doorstop belts, ensuring high throughput, yet very gentle handling of crop. “We are very pleased with what we can now achieve with the new grading line; it has given us the ability to process much more crop on a daily basis and we are now in a much better position to keep up with the demands of our customer,” said AR & SA White’s Shaun White.

The grading line at AR & SA White.

Falcon: potato friendly crop handling

*100% soft handling * Unique bottom speed 0.5 (0.2 option) to 6.5 m/min * Minimal drop heights => extremely potato friendly * Choose between PU-spiral, spiral steel, smooth steel or diabolo rollers Your local dealer is happy to give all information: T 077 95 60 00 40 | E May 2017 75

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