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Cleaner-trailer transforms crop logistics Downs has built a cleaner-trailer that uniquely transforms into a static cleaner loader. The Geo DTX-18 Transcharger allows potato and vegetable growers to respond to the complex issues faced with transporting crop from field to farmyard, given the everincreasing costs of machinery, fuel and labour. The Transcharger reduces transport costs while leaving soil in the field, says Downs. The machine can be used in two ways.

The Transcharger in Transborder mode.

In Transborder mode, the Geo DTX-18 is coupled to a tractor to be pulled just like a trailer to load from the side of the harvester. Once full, it can then be taken to the headland or road to discharge straight onto the elevator if the crop is clean enough, or

In Fieldloader mode.

using a cleaning system if it’s dirty. While in Fieldloader mode, the machine stands ready at the field edge waiting to receive the crop from standard tipping trailers. The crop is then cleaned or not, depending on soil conditions, and loaded into the

lorry, trailer or boxes. In a growing market, the Geo DTX18 is a highly-efficient, innovative and multipurpose solution, driven by the market demands for clean potatoes and vegetable crops straight off the field, says Downs. ■

Post-harvest priorities Working in partnership with Agrimech, Bijlsma Hercules offers a range of potato grading and handling equipment to handle the toughest of post-harvesting tasks. In particular Bijlsma Hercules has an extensive range of cleaning systems that can be added to the BSB range of receiving hoppers. The range of soil separators ensures fast, gentle and thorough separation of unwanted soil and

stones, while the newly-patented stainless steel roller system can work in all conditions, with its scraper system preventing clogging of the rollers. Direct drive per axis reduces the slip and wear of the rollers. With heavy-duty construction and user-friendly controls, each Bijlsma model is said to offer reliable, gentle and efficient produce handling and can be

easily transported. The comprehensive Bijlsma machinery range includes the distinctive KV4500 box-bag filler that can weigh and fill both boxes and big bags, with easy-to-use changeovers – just one example of the company’s post-harvest handling innovations. Wijlsma Hercules’ KV4500 box/bag filler.

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