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Harvesting knows no limits

The AR-4BX bunker harvester.

The Ploeger AR-4BX is designed to be a high-capacity potato harvester with no limitations on output, according to PMC Harvesters. Full-width 4-row cleaning combined with an industry-leading 14t bunker leads to higher output and uptime, it says. Standard equipment includes three sieving webs and two haulm rollers, with various further cleaning options available, including axial rollers, soil and haulm separator, rear-mounted pintle-belt and 6-person picking table. Combining these options allows the machine to be configured specifically for the crop and conditions of the individual customer. If bunker harvesting isn’t

the preference, the AR-4W is a conventional unloading harvester with a 1.5t buffer on the rear to allow for headland turns and trailer changeovers. From a rotating cab mounted high above the open chassis there is unmatched visibility over the sieving, cleaning and unloading areas of the machine. The focus on comfort has also been uppermost. Standard equipment on the W model is two sieving webs and a single haulm roller with the further cleaning modules. From its base in Fakenham, Norfolk, PMC Harvesters has machines working in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Warwickshire as well as its home county. These machines have been placed within a diverse customer base representing many segments of the industry, from seed and salads to main-crop processing and packing, illustrating that the machine has the capability to provide a range of solutions for UK growers.


Handling equipment in good hands Before thinking of changing their grader, potato growers might like to consider an upgrade to their cleaner. Upgrading the cleaner will increase the cleaning performance and value of most graders, says Burdens, which specialises in fitting new or used Tong EasyClean units to any make of grader. It has the facilities to undertake this work at its Sutterton, Lincolnshire workshop and is happy to work on any age or make of machine, including Tong, Herbert, Downs and Haith. The company also continues to offer servicing on all potato-handling equipment, both at Sutterton or on site, from an appraisal right up to a complete refurbishment. It can also offer electric-panel building and conveyor-belt supply and fitting to all makes of machine. Among the products it offers are rubber grading screens, made from 3-ply rubber for extra durability. These are available in widths from 600–2,400mm and in grade sizes

from 30 –70mm. Burdens is also announcing a strengthening of its partnership with Agrimech to include palletiser systems using the highly-regarded Comau robot. Systems with capacities of up to 15tph for 25kg bags can be designed to suit individual needs and are also capable of stacking trays, bales or nets. Finally, Burdens offers metal grading screens, jump-grader riddles and rollers, all made to order.

Burdens can upgrade any make or age of grader.

The Vegetable Harvester Specialists PMC Harvesters Ltd ¦ Holt Road ¦ Fakenham ¦ Norfolk ¦ NR21 8JH

UK sales and service for the

Tel: 01328 851111 E:

self-propelled potato harvester range

2008 GT170-S, RS Unit Picking Table, Fall Breaker £45,000

2014 PLOEGER (PMC) AR-4BX 4-row bunker harvester

topper, 2x2 row intakes, 3 webs, 2 haulm rollers, 8-roller separator, 6 man picking table, 14 tonne bunker, fall breaker, Scania DC13 engine 1500Hrs, 700Ha, Available with full factory overhaul



GT170-S, DMS, Picking Table, Fall Breaker 2009, £50,000 2011, £65,000


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