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packs, and the design includes cleated belts and a special gripper head to speed up the bagging process. Touch screen controls are used to simplify programming and operation and, like all Agrimech machinery, Gemini is made of stainless steel. Agrimech is also the UK distributor for the Manter range of equipment including the MD14XL high speed weighing system. It has 14 extra large buckets providing up to 20tph work rate with 25kg paper sacks, and the high accuracy levels can keep ‘give-away’ as low as 5g/25kg pack. Agrimech is based in Cambridgeshire and provides sales, service and support for its own machinery and for

The recently introduced Gemini doubleheaded weigher was developed by Agrimech Services.

the Manter product range throughout the UK.

Next-day delivery A hold-up while waiting for a replacement part to repair a brokendown machine can be costly, which is why the agricultural parts specialist, Pan Anglia, is proud of the fact that 97 per cent of orders it receives are sent out on the day they were received, ready for next-day delivery. Pan Anglia offers a vast range of replacement parts, some of them genuine spares from the machine’s manufacturer, and others specially made, and spare parts for root crop machinery are an important category. Some of the components in machines linked to potatoes and other root crops are exposed to high levels of wear and tear, and webs are an example. Pan Anglia stocks a large selection of complete replacement webs plus a comprehensive range of web parts including joining rods and clips, rivets and collars to suit all the leading current machine makes as well as some non-current items.

Sales and service The G&J Peck company history dates back to 1846, and the

business now has six retail outlets in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire with a long list of major franchises including New Holland, Case IH and JCB. Operating in such an important arable farming area means potato equipment is a major part of the retail business, and Pecks sells machines made by AVR. As well as providing sales and service for AVR equipment through all retail outlets, the Pecks branch at Spalding, Lincs is also used by AVR as its UK stock carrying centre for machines and parts. As well as field machinery, the AVR range offered by Pecks includes a comprehensive choice of potato handling equipment. Recent additions include the Cobra store loader available in 15, 17 or 19m lengths with an 80cm belt width. Features include hydraulic wheel drive with electric drive to the conveyor belt. The new Falcon receiving hopper is 2.4m wide and 4.5 or 6.0m long with capacity in the 120–150tph range. Gentle handling features include a rubber-protected floor, minimal drop heights and precise floor speed adjustment between 0.1–8.1m/min. The Miedema range of root crop

handling equipment from Belgium is part of the Dewulf group, and Miedema and Defulf products are both distributed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by Norfolk based Niagri Engineering. The MC series crop conveyors are a special feature of the Miedema handling equipment range, available in single and double belt versions and with a number of additional functions available. The capacity with an 80cm wide belt operating at 40m/minute is more than 130tph, and the range of models includes 6.5, 8.5 and 10.0m long single belt versions and the double belt lengths are 13, 17 and 20m. The list of optional extras includes weighing equipment with accuracy claimed at more than 99 per cent, plus a crop inspection unit with special lighting. Miedema also offers the MHC241 SZ12 multi-function machine that receives the crop from the field, cleans it and loads it into store or on to a truck. It includes a reception hopper plus a cleaning facility with 12 coil rollers and a soil discharge conveyor, followed by an integrated crop inspection table and then a store loader. ■

500:1 It’s not a gamble with Grimme! When you need a genuine Grimme Web, it’s odds on Grimme UK can supply it immediately – from stock. With more than 500 webs on the shelf you can bank on finding the correct web for almost any Grimme machine delivered over the last 10 years. Grimme builds every web with the same attention to detail as all the other genuine parts that carry its name – including stars; rollers; speed blades and more. Your guarantee of first time fit and outstanding performance. Ask your local Grimme Dealer for Genuine Grimme Parts – the safe bet!

Grimme UK Ltd.

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