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As the new season crop establishes, Mike Williams provides an update on the latest potato related equipment to catch the eye. Innovation has always been an important feature of the farm machinery manufacturing industry in Britain, and a recent example is the award winning Complete Bag Control or CBC equipment from Pace Mechanical Handling. The CBC system, which closes and seals the sacks used for potatoes and other root crops, as well as animal feed products, won the top award in the crop machinery section of this year’s Lamma event. The CBC equipment, which closes the top of the bag and presents it to the sealing

head, handles bags made of paper, polypropylene and most plastics with a 10 bags/minute work rate. There is a choice of mechanical or electric height adjustment for different bag sizes, and the control system is touch screen operated. A recent addition to the Pace range is the Mk II version of the Pacer Twin Tank electronic weigher for 10–25kg packs of potatoes and other root crops. It has two electronic weighing hoppers on three weigh cells offering up to 18tph throughput working with 25kg packs. New features on the Mk II version include a self-adjusting clamp to cope with different bag heights.

Keeping watch

The award-winning CBC sack closing and sealing machine from Pace Mechanical Handling.

Tong Engineering, the UK distributor for the Visar optical sorter for carrots, has introduced a new version developed for potatoes. It can work with washed or unwashed potatoes, using unique 360-deg imaging to combine quality sorting, grading and weighing in one machine, with defect detection sensitive enough

The touch screen on the latest version of the Tong Caretaker grader can offer additional control functions.

to identify faults such as wireworm damage as well as rot, blight and scab. Having passed under the camera, the potatoes are sorted for size, shape or weight, using a compressed air ejection system with six exit points that are cushioned for damage protection. The popular Caretaker mobile grader from Tong is now available in an updated version with extra Pro-Series safety, diagnostic and maintenance features offered as an

optional addition to the Auto-Touch HMI control system. Caretaker graders are available in a range of models with capacities of 50tph plus from the largest machines.

Twin benefit A recent arrival in the Agrimech Services range of products is the Gemini double head bin weighing system. It is capable of 15tph throughput when working with 25kg continued over...





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