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and the possibility of slugs breeding successfully is reduced. Soil disturbed by the discs is spread over the soil surface, so that a thin layer of soil protects the uncultivated strip below. Pottinger also claims faster establishment of spring crops after the new discs, as soil in the prepared strips warms more quickly after winter, while the cooler, undisturbed soil between the seed rows retards weed development and reduces competition for moisture and nutrients.

Cost reduction Another significant benefit is lower power requirement and trials have shown reduced draft demand by approximately 15 per cent compared with angled discs, which move the whole soil profile. As well as saving fuel, this means farms with smaller tractors can take advantage of wider drilling widths for more timely drilling of sensitive crops.

Don’t till if not needed Further opportunity to reduce soil disturbance is available if an ideal seedbed is already present. The Wave Discs can be lifted out of work, leaving just the press wheels and coulters in contact with the soil. Up to 180kg working pressure is

available between each Wave Disc and seed coulter and the user can adjust weight distribution to suit the conditions. With the Wave Discs raised out of work the full 180kg can be applied to each coulter for maximum penetration and ground following. Alternatively, if only a very light application of the discs is needed then they can be set to run at just a few cms depth. The front levelling board option from the standard Terrasem is available for the Wave Disc Terrasem, for use in uneven conditions or after ploughing, but Pottinger cautions against its use unless absolutely necessary, as it will disturb soil across the full width, stimulating weed growth.

Great potential Pottinger stressed that its latest Terrasem is not a strip-tillage drill but is designed for use within conventional cultivations systems rather than as part of a direct-drilling regime. “We are very excited by the new design,” explained Shaun Groom. “Increasing resistance to herbicides is an issue for many farmers and rising fuel costs are making crop establishment more expensive. The Wave Discs help tackle both issues, but without the restriction of moving to full direct-drilling or zero-tillage crop establishment.” ■

Beefy enough for maize

The larger of the two Super-Vitesse models.

The three new features that add strength and functionality to Strautmann Super-Vitesse forage wagons also make them suitable as maize trailers, since the modifications allow heavier, fuller loads to be transported and unloaded. First, to prevent forage material in fully-loaded machines overflowing, the side panels have been extended, while the top front panel has also been extended with metal fingers. Next, the side panels have been strengthened to remove the need for roof ropes. This allows filling from above by self-propelled forage

harvesters. Finally, to ensure heavy loads can be discharged, higher-capacity discharge floor motors have been fitted as standard. There’s also an option to upgrade to a double motor on the discharge floor. The two models in the SuperVitesse have a 39-knife cutting rotor on a continuous-flow system unit and require a 120hp tractor. The 3102 has a capacity of 29m3 and costs £64,157+VAT, while the 3502 holds 33m3 and costs £66,443+VAT. ■

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