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...More on previous page A large manure spreader was displayed by Bunning. It has been purchased by Henzell Enterprises, a contractor based between Morpeth and Alnwick, Northumberland. The contracting is carried out mainly along the east coast and the new 21m3 spreader is the third Bunning machine operated by the business, which spreads 100,000t of manure from FYM to sludge, and 20,000t of lime annually. Two 150 HD (21m3) rear discharge Bunning spreaders are operated currently and the new 150 HBD model is to a different specification, with twin axles incorporating steering. Spinning disc application makes it ideal for spreading up and down tramlines which opens up a new service of top dressing growing crops. The spreader is also capable of spreading lime, so will also act as a back up to the already very busy lime spreader. The 150HBD is also equipped with weigh cells and variable rate application control, for precision spreading linked with the Henzell’s RTK guidance system. “We knew Bunning’s great reputation when we bought our first spreaders three years ago,” explained Lee Henzell. “Since purchasing the machines we have never had any reliability issues and have been really pleased with our decision. The new spreader looks superb and will immediately go to work top dressing 160ha (400 acres) of arable land as soon as ground conditions allow. We deal with Colin Potts and Simon Curry at Rickerby’s Alnwick depot and the whole team is great.” Pictured are (l-r) Rickerby east sales director Colin Potts, manager Paul Dunn, Lee Henzell, Philip Henzell, Simon Curry and Bunning sales manager Chris Druce.

Kirkbride-based farmer and contractor Stephen Little deals mainly with Rickerby’s Carlisle depot. “We operate all over Cumbria,” he explained, “and our own farm is mixed, with dairy and beef as well as grass and maize. We started using Claas machinery in 1986; the first purchase was a Claas 680 forage harvester which was mainly for our own crops and a local farmer we did some work for. We moved to Claas from another brand mid-season when our previous machine failed. The Jaguar was second-hand but performed really well and we continued running one machine until 1999, then with extra area to harvest moved to two Jaguar 860s which were a big jump in capacity from the 680. Now we operate two Jaguar 970s and one 950, harvesting grass, wholecrop and maize. Most of the wholecrop and maize is for AD plants while we also produce silage for stock.” As well as operating Claas foragers, the business has a fleet of five tractors; an Arion 640, two Arion 650s as well as an Axion 840 and an Axion 850. “Our whole fleet is Claas now,” said Stephen. “We also have a set of Claas 9200 grouper mowers and our harvesters operate with Claas maize and wholecrop headers. We have a Claas Volto tedder too and enjoy an excellent relationship with Rickerby. The dealer team provides excellent service which is so important to us, especially mid-season when faults occur, and we know someone will help us day or night.” The company operated one of the first green Claas tractors and Stephen said the quality of the machines has improved a lot since then and that the current range is reliable and efficient and operators like them. “We carry out drilling and other field work for customers and on our own farm and are very happy with their performance,” he said. Stephen is pictured (left) with his son Matthew and a new Claas Axion awaiting delivery to the family business after being displayed at the event.

A large display of Lemken machinery meant area sales manager Kevin Rennie (left) and area service manager Duncan Duthie enjoyed a busy event. “The Heliodor 9 has proved especially popular for grassland re-seeding,” explained Kevin, “and the Zircon Solitair power harrow drill combination has also been in demand. The Heliodor is significantly cheaper to use than a plough and allows faster re-establishment of grass, but it works equally well on ploughed land making it very versatile. We have sold two for this spring, both primarily for grass re-seeding; one to a farmer and the other to a contractor. The Solitair provides accurate seed placement and great depth control ensuring even emergence and optimum yields. “Rickerby has sold Lemken since 2010 through all its branches, and the full range of products is in strong demand including ploughs and mounted sprayers. Sales are increasing each year More over page... and sales teams are very loyal to the brand,” he added. 05R15B

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