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the ideal 60 provides 6 V le a H c M s and I “The od solid bale o g h it w ty li size bale qua ary the bale v to y it il ib x have the fle ps.” different cro when baling Steve Lear farms over 800 hectares where he runs an arable farm and finishes 400 Limousin suckler cattle. Steve does all his own baling with a McHale V660 Variable Chamber Baler on the farm. Each year 80% of the bales Steve produces are straw and hay and for the remaining 20% Steve produces 4’6” bales of silage. Steve said “I’ve done over 15,000 bales and never had any problems.” Over the years Steve has used various brands of balers. He said he made the decision to purchase a McHale V660 when he looked at different brands and noticed that “McHale designed machines are very well built and solid. McHale machines are built to last.” Steve commented “The McHale V660 provides the ideal bale quality with good solid bales and I have the flexibility to vary the bale size when baling different crops. Steve produces 4ft 6” bales of silage and when he bales hay and straw he makes larger bales up to 5’6”. When asked if he is thinking about changing the baler Steve replied “No not at the moment, I am very happy with it and I’m confident I will get a good resale value on the baler the day I do decide to change so for now my investment is a good one.”

Steve Lear, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

View the McHale V660 video at :

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