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HOWARD HR40 rotavator 3m, good machine, excellent blades & crumbler roller Stock No.FG9562 £5,500

TWOSE flat roll 3m, good 30”x10’ water filled Stock No.FG9622 £1,275

VADERSTAD crosskill rolls 6.2m, ex-farm set, good bearings Stock No.FG9509 £2,750

McCONNEL Shakaerator 3m, good machine, large packer, ready to go to work Stock No.FG9069 £4,650

SPALDINGS subsoiler 3 leg, ex-farm machine, good metal, toothed packer Stock No.FG9617 £4,850

FARMRITE 3 leg subsoiler swivel legs, c/w depth wheels Stock No.FG9530 £2,850

SIMBA Flatliner 3m, nice machine, excellent DD 600 packer & good metal Stock No.FG9556 £7,350

AMAZONE fertiliser spreader good machine, runs up well, 18-24m Stock No.FG9588 £2,950

COOKS belt bale accumulator excellent machine, condition like new! Stock No.FG9602 £4,950

GREENMECH EC150TMP 6”, immaculate machine, 13.5hrs on clock, like new! Stock No.FG9603 £4,950

BOMFORD Ripper 9 leg, good metal, depth wheels Stock No.FG9618 £2,600

LEMKEN Smaragd cultivator 3m, nice machine, new metal, twin crumblers Stock No.FG9503 £4,950

KONGSKILDE Delta 3m, good machine, good discs & new points, large crumbler roller Stock No.FG9515 £4,950

VADERSTAD TopDown TD500 5m, very good machine, new discs & points Stock No.FG9476 £27,950

KVERNELAND Optima 8 row, disc coulters, absolutely immaculate, fertiiser tank, in good condition, 2006 Stock No.FG9584 £15,750

MONOSEM sugar beet drill 12 row, well cared for, good metal, c/w pre-em, currently barn stored! Stock No.FG9646 £9,250

KUHN Venta LC402 combi drill 4m, nice, mounted on tidy HR4003, disc coulters Stock No.FG9474 £13,850

GREAT PLAINS Centurion 600 6m, excellent drill, good metal, Muller comfort controls, blockage sensors Stock No.FG9491 £38,950

NEW HOLLAND T7.235 tractor very nice, 4150hrs, 50k, air brakes, f/ weights, 4 spools, very tidy Stock No.FG9600 £41,950

GRIFFITHS trailer 10t, nice genuine trailer Stock No.FG9526 £5,950

McCONNEL flail topper ex-farm, manual side shift Stock No.FG9522 £1,900

DOWDESWELL DP1 5f, HD, Cat offset, UCN metal, excellent wearing metal, vg example Stock No.FG9466 £3,850

SIMBA Unipress 5.5m, ex-farm, excellent DD rings, hydraulic paddles & leading tines Stock No.FG9517 £8,950

NRH front press 4m, vg folding shouldered ring press with hyd f/paddles, excellent Stock No.FG9653 £6,250

MASSEY FURGUSON 246S discs ex-farm discs

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KUHN HR4002 4m,very genuine power harrow, std packer & good bolt on tines Stock No.FG9641 £4,950

Stock No.FG9649 £2,950

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